31 Day Challenge- Garage Cupboard Inspiration

 I’m to the exciting part working on the garage. In my quest to get finished what I started, I have moved on to painting the garage cupboards. As long as the temperatures are warm enough, I want to get as much accomplished in there as I can. They were already painted a flat white when we moved in and desperately needed to be painted. I painted them a flat gray that didn’t wash well, of course. I had gotten the paint on a discount pile of accidental mixed paints. I never did really like them. Now that the walls are a gray, I decided to paint the cabinets white, but want to add interest somehow. So, of course, I went to pinterest for a bit of inspiration. This is what I found:
Could buy inexpensive cabinet for this purpose and use chalk paint for center areas. Upcycled Kitchen Cabinets for Garage Storage - iloverehabs.com
I’d thought of doing chalkboard, but wanted the cupboards to be white instead. I’m still loving the chalkboard idea!
DIY ~~ Garage Cabinets. Or possibly for craft room. Would be kinda fun to paint and decorate.
The style of these cupboards are exactly like the ones we have.
Storage cabinets don't have to be boring - fancy it up with paint and words to inspire
I’m loving the interest of these! Isn’t it amazing?
Here is an unexpected outdoor toys' organizer! There is so much you can do with this! In the garage, on a covered patio, back porch--just protecting it with the right paint and clear sealer and it should last well outside.
Later I did think of doing this on the insides of the doors. Still lovin’ the idea…
Vintage Inspired Custom Lucky Number Drawer Pulls In A Treasury
I have always disliked the knobs we had out there. They have been removed. I went to etsy for inspiration in this area. Aren’t these fun?!
Numbered Circle Border Knobs
Love the idea of numbering the cabinets. 
So there you have it. Just wait and see what I’ve decided to do. Till next time…wish me luck!
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