31 Day Challenge- Loving Old Cabinets

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this project with you! I’m to the part I’ve wanted to be at from the time I started working on our garage. The fun creative and organizing part. {You can read about how it started HERE and HERE, the real reasons I joined this challenge!} It’s so rewarding when things turn out just as you envisioned, or even better-which is what is happening here. I’m better at projects that I can be creative as I go with. Whenever I try to plan them, they don’t seem to go as I hope, and then I lose my enthusiasm and momentum. The weather is still sunny and somewhat fair in the afternoons, so I’m taking full advantage of it while it’s still warm enough to work out in the garage. These are the cabinets I started with.


They desperately needed a paint job. They were originally a flat white when we moved in. Very difficult to clean! So I picked up some mis-mixed flat gray paint and painted them, very poorly, I might add. Still a bad choice since it was flat paint I used, again. So I repainted them a semi-gloss off white I had for another project. After adding the knobs, I made (you can read about that HERE), the cabinets looked better, but still quite boring. I knew from my pinterest board that I wanted to add some interest somehow, and while talking to my Mom about the knobs, decided it would be neat to add stripes. So I marked and taped the cupboards, deciding on measurements as I went.

The trick I’ve found in adding stripes anywhere, is to measure and mark frequently, and somewhat close together. Where the cupboards opened, I made a slit in the tape to separate them with an exacto knife.
With the lines perfectly measured and taped off, I was ready to paint. 
I wanted to use black and gray to bring all the colors in the garage together. I used the exact gray I used on the ceiling and walls, and the black is chalkboard paint. This serves two purposes:
1) Color effect
                                                                       2) Organizing solution for labeling
It was exciting to peel off the tape and have this be the result.  
I gave each stripe two coats. There was little bleed, so there was a little touch up needed. Then I labeled all the cupboards 

 I found the hook at a flea market last week. It’s my favorite place to go for good junk! It cost me $1.50.
It wasn’t my origional plan to hang it there, but I just put it up temporarily, since there was a nail already, and liked the way it looked. The S is from one of my children (there middle name). It was just floating around in a pile of stuff, so I grabbed it. It’s perfect since it is the initial of my husband’s first name too. 
We also have a nail to wrap the attic rope to. If we don’t do this, it hangs down and catches on us whenever we walk by.
 I sincerely never thought I could like these cupboards. I was always grateful they were there since they provide so much storage, but they always seemed to be an eye sore…totally and practically ugly. But it didn’t matter, they were like that for the 8 years we’ve lived here. After all, it’s a garage. right?
 But now with a little paint, inspiration, and creativity, I actually love them! 
This might be silly to you, but I’m the one that uses them the most since this is where our paint and gardening tools are, so it’s important to me.

 Now I think I can mark another project down as successful. 

What do you think?
 (YAY! )
Have any tips for me?
Can’t wait to hear them!
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