31 Day Challenge- Glazing A Stairwell

Much of my summer has been spent helping my neighbors and friends with their individual color analysis and decorating. The summer started with helping one neighbor that I have advised for color coordination in and out of her house for over a year. We started this time with a hands on project. Mostly I just go in and give her color  advise (which she usually takes and is happy with) and she has somebody else do the “dirty work”, but this time I recommended a technique that they didn’t know how to do. We wanted something unique. I used this same technique on our old house and it was wonderful in our stairwell. Fingerprints are camouflaged (which is why I did it) and I loved it.

She wanted something practical that would also make a statement. We were all pleased with the results and thought it turned out amazing. This technique is done using a “wand”.

A wand is a double sided paint roller with a special two sided tray so that 2 different glazes can be used at the same time to create a marbled look. The pictures can’t do justice to the real life effect.
It was challenging to get a real good picture since we are subject to the lighting of a stairwell.

The effect is quite dynamic and makes a statement. It was amazing how well the carpet looked with the walls once it was installed.

My neighbor was so happy with results that she asked me to do their master bedroom. 
I’ll be sharing the results in there soon!
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