31 Day Challenge- Garage Door Completion

First off, I want to apologize for the poor picture quality. A good picture was hard to come by. With that said, do you remember my happy wreath? If not, you can read about it HERE. It was inspired by a couple wreaths I found on Pinterest because I wanted something that could lead into the mud room and tie all the colors together. This wreath does exactly that.

I am super excited that the new door knob is on. It blends nicely with the door and looks beautiful. Usually I would want more of a contrast, but decided to go with the brushed bronze since it is the color we replaced the front door with and the kitchen faucet. Soon we hope to replace all the door knobs with the same color. I am really quite tickled with how it all came together anyway.

         Here is the door after I painted it black tuxedo by Behr. If you can see beyond the blur, you’ll notice there is no knob. 
 We lived with our garage door like this for a good week. It was a challenge, to say the least. 
But it was worth the wait. 

I was excited to get the pictures done and share it with you, so I was too hasty and took them before the touch up paint was dry after door knob installation. (oops!)
 I mounted the hook that I got from the flea market on the door to hang the wreath. It is a perfect fit!
Together with the wreath, the welcome on the door (read about it HERE), the new knob and the hook (HERE),
 I think the door turned out quite nicely. It will be cheery to come home to such a welcome each time we return, but most of all. And the best thing of all, another project is completed!
On to the next! 
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2 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge- Garage Door Completion

  1. It looks so good Michelle! Yes, that is lovely to come home to. Happy wreath is the perfect name for it! Yippee for you!! Another project has been completed!!! Woo Hoo!!! I think I am as excited about your projects being completed as I am about mine!


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