31 Day Challenge- Mantel Motivation

I’ve been so invested in my home improvement projects lately, that I have not been paying attention to how quickly Halloween is approaching. Having purchased the girl’s costumes last month, I wasn’t too worried about it and we decorated early due to the children’s desire to set up the decorations. I often think how fun children make the Holidays. I’m so glad I have their enthusiasm  to encourage me, or I think I could just not do any of it at all. One of the main projects I would like to at least have closer to completion before Halloween is our Living Room mantel. I have been working on it for quite some time. It was quite tricky to know what to do to start with, but now it’s just a matter of finishing what we started. I’m itching to get it at least to the point of decorating. Here are a few motivations from my pin boards to get me in the mind-set to get the ball rolling!

Gotta make this for the mantle!

Gotta make witch legs for our fireplace!! SO CLEVER!!!
Love this mantel idea!
and My favorite of all

Love the structure of this mantel and how it's decorated. It is so much like our L.R. mantel. I think we could mimic it pretty easily!

via-by Pottery Barn
Hope these inspire you as much as they do me!
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2 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge- Mantel Motivation

  1. I like the last one too! Yes, children do inspire us to decorate. When they are grown and gone, you may not do as much, but you will see this little twinkle in their eyes. That twinkle will speak volumes to you! That will be the reason that you continue to decorate. That little twinkle will contain memories of past holidays and happy times! The things that you are doing right now will cause that twinkle to happen when they are grown. When you see it, you will know that it was all worth while!!


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