Garage Reveal

Finally! The big day is here!! The project that started my 31 days of Completion, is finally complete! I am, for the first time in my blogging career, (if you can call it a career) going to actually reveal an area of my house. Yikes! *nail biting* 
And wouldn’t you know it…my camera is having issues. I guess we can’t have it all. Seems to be normal for me. But that’s okay, I think they turned out fair under the circumstances. Now… On with the show!!

*Apologies for the poor picture quality, but like I said, the camera was having issues. *sigh*
This is where the “fun” started. Organizing and getting all the yard tools up and off the ground made a HUGE difference! I constantly marvel at how much can be kept in an orderly space. Everything is now in reach and easy to find. The children even put things away when they’re finished with them. BIG deal!

I was super excited when I realized how I could use this shelf I added. having direct access to strollers, car seats, and kites is going to make things so much easier and time efficient.

The door, wreath, and mat are a cheerful welcome. 
If you missed the posts of the door click here and here.
To see more of the wreath, click here.
 Eventually we will be putting the treadmill and stationary bike in here. The carpet will make it much more comfortable to exercise in. The numbered cabinet knobs and labeled doors make it so much easier to find things. 
You can read about the knobs here and the cabinets here.
My honey installed the light this last weekend. It’s even brighter than the other two lights and makes such a big difference in the whole garage. This area used to be very dim. 
I installed the trim around the door and base of the walls. I love the finished look it gives.
To the left of the door you see two hanging buckets. These will come in handy when weeding in the yard. They are close to the cupboard that holds the gardening gloves and supplies.
The baskets are to the right of the door and will be a great place to keep the balls and regularly used sports equipment. I found the baskets at the goodwill for $1 each. I couldn’t have grabbed them any faster when I found them! They are absolutely perfect and were easy to install using closet organizer clips from our home improvement center, and are removable.
The carpet was a remnant I picked up at a local carpet store. This picture is more true to the real color. For being in the garage I was sure indecisive about which carpet would be best. The guy at the store was SO patient with me while trying to decide on what I wanted. That man deserves a raise!
I originally brought home a different remnant, but knew immediately it was not the right color. I wanted a dominant gray color. I kept seeing this in my mind and how nice it would look until I finally went back and exchanged it. The same man was there and didn’t seem surprised to see me again. Haha! He was very nice about it. I’m glad cause I love it! 
It’s so nice to see the garage from the street and how clean and organized it looks. The boys tell me that the bus driver said she would pay me to make her garage look like this. I’m not sure anyone could pay me enough to go through what I went through with this a second time! I tried and tried to find the before pictures of the garage, but couldn’t. It’s a bummer because this place was so packed, we only had a path leading to our garbage cans, which you might note aren’t even in the garage anymore. *happy dance*
And you could have forgotten to ever think you could park in it. (We almost did.)

Do you see some projects in the future? This wall is waiting for some ceiling cabinets for our car carrier. That will have to wait till spring, so I guess I have that long to get busy completing some more, huh? The bikes hang by hooks so they are up and out of the way. The golf caddies hang under them, ready to go when needed. 
In the corner is a garbage can, it holds what we call our 72 hour kit in case of emergencies. (more on that some other time).
I added the trim around this window next to the hanging bikes as well, and painted it. The license plates are from different places we’ve lived. We are only missing Virginia and Mexico since we always had rental cars when we lived there.  
The last corner has shelves where my husband’s work totes and other items are in easy reach to be loaded and used. It is also home to roller blades, helmets and picnic blankets. 

And that completes the big reveal. It wasn’t as painful as I thought! 😉 Thank you for sharing in my joy of completing another project. Hope it inspired you in some way!
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and much more!

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8 thoughts on “Garage Reveal

  1. Very Impressive!!!! Getting all that stuff up off the floor sure expands the space. I love an organized garage, even though ours never seems to stay that way very long.Mary Alice


  2. This looks great, and love the plates by the window!! I just posted my garage redo (still work in progress) #107 at funky junk. That's where I found ya! You should come share this on DIY Sunday Showcase, a party I cohost. It opens today at 5! Hope to see this there!


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing this post with me! I love your cabinets and I so wish we had room for a fridge and work out equipment. I love the vinyl decal on the entry door too! Awesome job!!


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