New Design

Hello friends! What do you think of my new blog design?! Isn’t my sister-in-law and graphic designer AMAZINGLY TALENTED?! I love everything she does. It’s coming right along. I can’t wait to share all the projects I’ve been working on with you here in my new blog home. *Grin* 
So check back in and see what we I have been up to AND see the finishing touches to my “new” space. *wink* 
Meanwhile, I’m taking my kiddos to the movies. It is the 5th day of school they have been off for snow days and they are getting stir crazy.

See you soon!

5 thoughts on “New Design

  1. You are soooo cute Shelly! 🙂 Thanks for the compliment. 😉 You know what I would love to see? Perhaps some tips to help people get a project finished, not just planned or started, but actually accomplishing it and not get overwhelmed at the same time. I would love that!


  2. Katie, I took them to see Dispicable me 2. If you haven't seen it, it's so worth it! I want to see Frozen as well, I've heard great reviews and it look awesome. Yari, I'm terrible about doing that, but I will work on it! Great suggestion!!


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