Homemade Dish Detergent- Money saver, or not?

Occasionally I’ve found myslef in a pinch, having run out of dishwashing detergent late at night or at the most inconvenient of times where running to the store is not possible. Having a large family, it is critical to keep the cleaning schedule moving. After having these experience a few times, I’ve found the best recipe that works for me, no water spots, no film left on the dishes. 

Here’s what you need:
Make sure Powders are thouroughly blended!
I’ve seen people add a lemon koolaid packet for fragrence, this hasn’t proved necessary, but if I had it on hand, I would certainly try it. The most important thing is, the dishes don’t have an odor after being washed.
I keep my detergent on the counter next to my sink and dishwasher for easy access.

 When I first ever made this detergent, like I said, it was just for the convenience using what I already had on hand. I wasn’t thinking about how cost effective it was. In the long run, however, and especially considering the fact that I had everything already on hand, it has proven to be the most economical and best detergent I’ve used to date.
Using only a Tbs.-heaping spoonful a load as well as simple white vinegar as a rinse agent. 

 I’ve used name brand rinse agents too since I had a sample of “Jet Dry Finish” on hand, and quite honestly, I think it gave the best result, while lasting for more loads than I thought it would when filling the rinse dispenser. However, the vinegar works okay too, especially in a pinch.
Happy Homemaking!

2 thoughts on “Homemade Dish Detergent- Money saver, or not?

  1. You are good to make your own. My mom loves making all her own natural remedies for cleaning and for medicine. Once she got on the peroxide kick and we joked that it was the cure all and clean all! 🙂


  2. I make my own too. I use the Kool Aid if I don't use lemon, then I use orange. One of the things that I like is having the ingredients to make it on hand, saves so much money and only takes a few minutes to mix up!


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