Girls Room Inspiration

My motto should be “stringing along too many projects at a time” rather than one! I never seem to be able to completely finish one before another one is started. Our girls have been wanting a bunk bed since the fall, and with our youngest turning four, my honey and I think it’s time to get it. With that, however, comes big changes in their room. It needs some freshening up. Here is the inspiration board of what I plan to do in there.

 furniture collection-
bedding, pillows (except monogram), ruffle curtains, princess and the frog lamp-
monogram pillow- yours truly (image from
Since we’ve been planning this for so long, we’ve known more or less what we wanted, so I’m excited to get started. Children’s rooms are always the funnest.
Sooooo… once the laundry room is complete, the girls room is next…after painting the hutch. Uh-huh.

One thought on “Girls Room Inspiration

  1. You mean that one project should be completed before another is started? Really? Who does that? Certainly not me! Love what you have chosen for their room and you are right, children's rooms are the funnest!


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