Metal Frame Chalkboard

Remember this pie cupboard? 
(you can read about it HERE)

When I was finishing this piece, I cut out the inside of the doors so that I could put in wire mesh, which left me two pieces of 1/4″ plywood. These boards sat around in the garage ever since.
 So when I found this metal frame at the thrift store a couple months ago, I liked the look of it and started thinking about what it could be used for, when these pieces of board came to mind (they’re kind of hard to forget, being the color they are). So I picked up the frame for around a dollar thinking the opening would be about a 1/4″ and might be the right size, and sure enough, it slid inside. 
I’m not going to pretend this was a completely easy task. It did take a little wrangling to “slide” in, but in the end it was worth the effort. 
I painted it with chalkboard paint and was happy with the new piece, but wasn’t sure where I was going to hang it. Then I thought about how I have been intending to make a sign for our porch for quite awhile. So I wrote the message on it that I always say to people when they come to our door:
I love that we can choose what message we want on it too since it is a chalkboard. 
I also like the charm the frame adds to our porch. 
 I’m hoping it looks inviting. 
 What do you think? Would you want to come to our door? 
We’d love to have you!
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6 thoughts on “Metal Frame Chalkboard

  1. I just saw that sign this morning when I came to your door and thought how cute it was! And yes, I always love coming to your door (not just to see the beautiful furnishings in and around your house but to visit with the beautiful and fun loving family inside!)


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