Medley of Golden Days Home Tour

For today’s Summer Home I am truly thrilled to introduce you to my beautiful and talented Sister-in-Law, Yari Mower. If you recognize the name, it might be because it’s posted at the bottom of my blog as a refereance for designing my blog! I could never have made it what it is without her help. She is also an amazing digital scrapbook designer and author of the blog Medley of Golden Days. She is not only my brother’s wife, but one of my dearest and closest friends. I was really excited when she agreed to share her home with us because of her fresh and beautiful sense of style. SoOoo….

here’s Yari!

Welcome to our home in the Mojave Desert! I am so happy to be featured on Shelstring Blog! I absolutely love home decor and my home is my own personal canvas which I can change and decorate as often as my creative heart feels inclined to do. My home is also an oasis, where I feel like I am no longer in the desert and where I can be reminded of my roots.

Though we will be moving shortly, out of this house into our “new to us” home, take a look at how we made this house our home for the last 4 years of our lives. Four amazing years where children were brought home from the hospital after being born, where babies learned to roll over, crawl, feed themselves, walk, and yes, even go potty. We have loved it here but it is time to move on and create new memories and I’m super excited about that. The memories will forever be in our hearts.

As you come in into the house, the first thing that you will see to your right is the Living Room:

(This is my desk where I design my digital scrapbook and other graphic designs, and where I can keep an eye on what the kiddos are doing.)

(Why yes, this center piece on this table no longer exists! My kiddos have broken it. At least I still have the photo of it to remind me that yes I did have something pretty on my coffee table once LOL)

To the left of the living room is our Home Office which also has been used as a play room:

As you move forward you will find yourself in the Dining Room and to the right of that is the Kitchen:

Stepping away from the living areas through the main hallway, you will come across bathroom #1:

(I painted those branches on the canvas. The little sign, I found it at the thrift store and it reads, “Please leave bathroom as clean as you find it. -Love, Mom”. Yes they need that reminder.

Walking through the other hallway of the house, you will come across the backpack station that my husband and I put in (I will sorely miss this – note to self: must do one in the new house too!):

To the right of that is the Laundry Room (nothing fancy but at least it’s clean):

To the right of that is my boys’ bedroom:

  And to the right of that is my older daughter’s bedroom (she’s only 8):

And finally, at the end of the hallway you will have reached the last room in the house – The Master Bedroom with the Master Bathroom:

Thank you for touring our home! I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the rooms in our house. Thanks Michele for hosting this tour! 🙂

Thank YOU Yari! 
Isn’t her home beautiful? You wouldn’t ever guess that she has five children on top of balancing her home and her own graphic design business, would you?! Everything is so clean and magazine worthy. She might argue, but when we come over, it may look a little lived in, but it always feels every bit as clean, inviting, and stylish. I hope you will stop by her blog, as she and her family are renovating their “new” house, and see their next house become their home as she shares the process.
Thank you for joining me for another great tour, I hope you will come back next Friday to see another inspiring home!
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5 thoughts on “Medley of Golden Days Home Tour

  1. What a pretty home! I can't imagine what it's actually like to live in the desert but have to imagine that the soft colors that Yari chose would be comforting there.


  2. What an adorable home. The backpack station reminds me of when my kids where that age. We had a “backpack station” as well but nothing that nice. Thank you so much for sharing Yari's home.Traci


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