Country Design Style- Summer Home Tour Series

When I saw the amazing things Jeanette has created, it about made my eyes pop out of my head! I am in awe of her ability and creativity. These are things magazines are made of. I feel so honored to have her on my blog and share with you her sweet cabin. It’s so full of rustic goodness, it makes me swoon shamelessly. 

                                                                  Welcome Jeanette!

I was simply thrilled when Michele asked if I would be interested in joining the summer home tour and jumped at the opportunity. Welcome to our cabin in the mountains of Arizona. Did you know a large portion of Arizona is pine trees? And we get to live in the middle of them. In fact, we live in the largest continuous strand of Ponderosa Pines in the United States. Rarely does a day go by that we don’t see a couple of elk. Unfortunately, they’re usually eating our plants and flowers. But that’s fine, they have to eat too. Be aware, I’ve made most of the things in our home. Made, remade, repurposed or upcycled. Given the occasion to buy something or make it, I choose to make it. I live with Mike, the love of my life. We have a 10 year old German Shepherd, Homer and a 5 year old multi-poo, Bella {or Betsy when I can’t think right!} So on with the tour.

Let me get the door. Our door and outside area are summer ready because that’s where we spend most of our time and I tend to decorate them first for the seasons. We spend time outside year around. Sometimes in the winter we’re wrapped in blankets on the front porch with only our eyes peeking out.

  Our Cabin Front Country Design Style
                                It was the front porch that sold us on this cabin. Living room Country Design style
The living room has a large wall of a fireplace and the TV has to sit on the mantel. I think I’m the only one that’s not in love with the fireplace! I would rather a simpler fireplace in a regular wall. But I do love the logs in the ceiling. Just hope they stay up there! My repurposed desk Country Design Style-18
The dining room is where I blog. I remade the buffet to hold my laptop and files of magazine clippings that go as far back as the late 70’s. I’ve been obsessed with homes and decorating all my life. kitchen Counrty Design Style
The kitchen is the first one that I actually believe I can cook in when I’m putzing around there! Our made bed Country Design Style
I made my bed! I actually did “make” the bed. Inspired by old doors, the bed was made from the scraps from a house being built across the street. The black chair has a family inspired monogram cut-out in the back. Country Design Style
Our master bedroom has one item that I did not make and that’s the dresser under the TV. My grandson helped make the TV shelf last summer. The shelf front opens to reveal the cable boxes and DVD player.
                    Chalk Fire 1
Years before blogging was “invented,” I made furniture and home decor items to sell to local shops. My favorite thing to make was mantels. I made this mantel using wood scraps, broken frames and old spindles. The “firebox” area is painted with chalkboard paint. Powder room Country Design Style
The sink in the powder room was made from one end of a living room log. outdoor-spaces-country-design-style-FP
This is our backyard sitting area on the lower patio. The coffee table needed a new top so I made a simple one with 2 inch thick boards.    
            Back porch with furniture
The back porch with a full kitchen area is perfect place to cook a huge breakfast. We completely redid the back. It was a wood deck when we bought the cabin. My little workshop
This is my favorite “room!” My little workshop. This little wood shed holds two large worktables {one fits over the other} and all my tools and paint. Office country design style
Let’s step back inside, to Mike’s office with his favorite saying, “It’s all good!”

  Guest room westUpstairs are two guest rooms. This is the adult room. Guest Room east
This is the kids guest room, or the Lucy and Desi room! These bedrooms each have a bathroom. craft room country design style
The area between the guests room I made into a craft area. It’s a work in progress, always! Balcony west Country Design Style
The balcony upstairs is a great sunny area, and we rarely come out here. But it’s great for our guests. Our cabin, different but we love it. Thank you for visiting and come back soon! A special thank you to Michele for hosting this summer home tour. I enjoy playing “peeking Tom” and visiting all the homes. Don’t you? Let me walk you out because…. Autumn Night Sounds Country Design Style
around here you never know what you will come across!
Young elk walking in the backyard.
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 Thank you Jeanette, for sharing your amazing cabin with us! Isn’t her cabin everything you would imagine a cabin should be? Full of interest, rustic, and authentic? I love the personal touches that make it theirs because of all that she made herself. You simply aren’t going to find another place like it!
Thank you everyone for joining me on, yet another, wonderful home tour. Be sure to stop by next Friday for another home of inspiration as well as checking out this weeks patriotic round-up to help get you ready for the 4th of July festivities you can find HERE,  and if you have time, I’m guest posting over at What Meegan Makes with photos I haven’t shared here yet, you can see that HERE and have a happy weekend!

5 thoughts on “Country Design Style- Summer Home Tour Series

  1. What a creative and cozy cozy home! I think my two absolute favorite parts to this tour is the DIY bed and fireplace mantle! So awesome!


  2. Michele, I want to thank you so much for sharing our cabin on your website. The best part of any home is sharing it with others. I love your website and everything you do. Can't wait to see what's in store next Friday! Hugs! Jeanette


  3. I have to agree with you Deborah! I love the bed and mantel, the other thing I would add is that sink made out of one of the logs from their living room ceiling. AMAZING! I'm so glad you stopped by. Hope to see you next week too! 😉


  4. My absolute honor Jeanette! I love so many things about your tour. You have amazing talent. I'm so glad you are a part of the summer tours. Great addition! 😉


  5. Michele, thank you so much for featuring this home/cabin on your summer tour. What a lovely and unique home. My favorite part was the bathroom sink made out of the pine tree, no that is creative.Traci


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