Mud Room Window- Customizing

We have a little window in our mud room that was difficult to find a curtain rod for,
especially after I took the trim off and made it shaker style to match the dining room. ( a project I decided to do in the spur of the moment with wood we have in the garage)
 It’s wonderful to be able to make something because you can customize it to your own needs.
  If you look at the window, one side is not as wide as the other. 
Origionally I thought I would like to have a branch as the rod, so I cut down one of the walking sticks my kids had, but needed a way to hang it. 
That’s when the idea to make one came to mind. It was simple to do. 

 1.) Cut down 4 pieces the same size and shape two of them to fit rod. I did this on my scroll saw after shaping a pattern with a pencil.
 2.) Center shaped piece and attach into place from the back using brad nailer. I would use screws for a heavier curtain, to make it stronger.
 3.) Ensure they are sturdy and centered.
 4.) Stain or paint as desired. (I wanted a little bit of a contrast to anchor the room a bit, but may decide to paint these in the future.)

 Again, if I were worried about the weight, I would have screwed these in with a drill, but since it is such a small window, weight wasn’t a concern and I was able to just brad nail these in.

This was the easiest curtain rod insallation I have ever experienced. 
I’m happy to finally have this valance up since I bought the fabric 4 months before sewing it into a valance (which my mother actually did when she was visiting–um-yeah. *thank you Mom!) a year ago this last February. I know. Things take awhile around here with life going on. 
But keep coming back. This spring was good for me and I have A LOT more to share! 

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