Pepsi Garden Crate

I had to replace a rosebush that perished this year leaving a blank space in my garden, so I decided to get a peony bush instead. The children are always complaining about the roses thorns when they have to go fetch a ball in the garden (do you blame them?!) So I thought this beautiful plant with it’s amazing flowers was the perfect solution.

 I found this crate at a yard sale a few years back and used it as a planter. 
This spring it was lookiing a little worn and shabby, so I emptied all the weeds and dirt out of it-
and found that it had rotted when I turned it over. Not surprising, considering the amount of time it has weathered out there in the yard. So I emptied it completely and took out the rotten wood and had an idea. 
When I purchased this peony bush a couple days before, the lady at the nursery recommended I put a cage around it since she said I could anticipate that by the end of the summer it will have grown quite a bit and will need something to keep it managed, so I’ll know how and where to cut it back in order to maintain it.
So I put the crate around the bush to act as a cage. 
I like the way it looks out there in the garden. 
It adds character and charm while continuing to be practical. I can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers and have this part of the garden fuller.
Love it when something unfortunate, such as losing a beautiful rose bush, ends up being the answer to a dilemma!
What’s new in your garden? Have any ideas you would like to pass my way? Please share!

2 thoughts on “Pepsi Garden Crate

  1. I have seen soda pop crates used before in the garden and I think this is such a cute look! My peony bushes are looking sad now that the blooms are done.


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