{Home-ology}-Summer Home Tour Series

 I was really excited when I came up with this idea to share this series of Summer Home Tours, but I had no idea just how much I would love it. Not only do I get to tour these beautiful homes, but I have had the opportunity to get to know some truly amazing women through working with them along the way. Let me tell you, it has been a wonderful experience, and Sarah Krouse from the blog {Home-ology} is absolutely no exception. Not only does she have an incredible taste for modern vintage, but she is such a sweet lady! Her flair for decorating is a treat, so come meet Sarah-

   Hello ladies! I’m Sarah, andI blog at {Home-ology} modern vintage. I’m so happy to be sharing my home with all you lovely Shelstring readers. Michele has created a wonderful line-up of home tours, and I’m honored to be included in the mix.

As you’ll see, my tastes run in a slighty different direction than some of the other homes on the tour. Growing up with a family of antiquing matriarchs (and being an antiques dealer myself), I’ve developed an eclectic style that blends modern, mid-century, and fine antiques together to create an ever-changing landscape. It’s an aesthetic that’s constantly evolving, and I absolutely love that. I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together for you.

This is a cropped view of our property, but I wanted to give you an idea of our exterior. Our home sits on five rolling acres surrounded by horse pastures. Being a Colonial, we kept the exterior colors somewhat traditional with a white body and charcoal trim. But when we restored the exterior of our home recently, I decided to veer from my usual pine green painted front door and go with a bold color. I chose “Loyal Blue” from Sherwin Williams. Now I realize that for many of you it’s not a very bold choice; but I’m a neutral-loving girl at heart, so jumping into any new color was going way out there for me. But I have to say that I absolutely love that I did. Having that happy pop of color at the front door makes me smile everytime I enter.

From the front entry, I’ll take you into our home. The main level of our home isn’t very large, so it can be a bit difficult to photograph. Add to that the fact that we have floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, and you can imagine the nightmare conditions I have when photographing. Because so much light comes into a room from multiple angles, there’s always shadows and glares. It’s a challenge and to photograph, and the process is a true labor of love.

The foyer. I love absolutely foyers. In my opinion, they’re the perfect place to have a little fun. Foyers are the first impression into you, your family, and your home, so I like to keep mine updated seasonally with the things I love (which usually includes a floral or three).



Once you exit the foyer, you’re led through a small entryway into the living space.

Here you’ll find antiques mixed in with new pieces. My grandparents collected French antiques while living in the country during WWII, and many of them I now have in my home. I love to mix them up with the 20th century modern pieces I love. Blending styles and getting them to work in a seamless fashion is a challenge, but I absolutely love the end result.

This vignette is a good point showing how I incorporate differing styles. The neutral fabric of this deconstructed French chair (I keep promising to finish it) keeps it from looking dated as it sits underneath a 1960’s Sonnemon orbiter lamp. And next to it is a pair of Danish Modern candlestick beside a collection of succulents. I love the unexpected juxtaposition of it all.

Here you can really see how tight this space actually is. Large windows on the opposite wall help keep it from feeling closterphobic. (Meet Lulu, my photobomber.)

In the dining area, a Danish Modern dining set mixes with a French Country sideboard. A floral arrangement in an organic vase brings a fresh pop of color and keeps things from being to serious.

My newest collection are these Italian wine decanters. I love their elongated necks and teardrop stoppers; but I can’t seem to find them in colors other than amber + green. My search continues.

And we come back around via the kitchen, the laundry room, and the powder room to the foyer. Off the foyer is our master suite.  It’s a very large space just off the foyer. The layout of our main level makes me think of an urban loft, with everything being a bit open and public. And being in such a public area of the home, I think of our bedroom in those terms as I decorate it.

It’s probably my most favorite space, other than…

Our outdoor spaces.

I love to garden and be outdoors whenever I can, so I’ve made it a point to style these spaces as an extension of our home. And as much as I love the interior of our home, I love our exterior every bit as much.

So that’s our home! I hope you enjoyed a peek into my style and the home I love to share. It’s an ever-changing design that’s filled with the things our family loves (along with good food, good wine, and a whole lot of happy noise). If you’re so inclined, I’d love to have you to follow along with me on my blog as I continue my quest for domestic bliss through design, gardening, + creative diy.

And thanks, Michele, for allowing me to be a part of such a great summer home tour!

Didn’t I tell you what a treat it would be? If you have the opportunity to visit Home-Ology, take it, and see all the wonderful tips and ideas Sarah has to share with us on her blog. Truly delightful. Thank you for visiting us here today, it’s always a real pleasure to host your visit!

Have a wonderful weekend, 

7 thoughts on “{Home-ology}-Summer Home Tour Series

  1. Sarah, I loved how you display your collections. It is hard to do without looking contrived but you have done a fabulous job. Your outdoor area also looks very inviting, Thanks to both you and Michele for sharing your wonderful home.Traci


  2. Thanks,Karen! Aren't those mirrors fun? I kind of have a thing for mirrors. But those are some of my favorites made from papier' mache made to look like faux wood and alligator skin. They're just so interesting!


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