The "To-Do List: A 31 Day Series

I’m so happy to be back! I have finally regained the energy that was lost due to a necessary surgery I had during the month of August because of “good behavior” for laying low and staying down. So, today, being October first, is the beginning of the annual 31 day challenge from the Nester that I participated in last year. Some of you might remember this from last year…
Well, since so much has happened during the last several weeks, much of which was life changing and profound, I have decided to join the series again this year. After much thought while making a list of a possible theme for this year, I have decided on the “to-do” list. 

This series will range in a variety of topics and things that need (or so we think) to be completed, as our to-do lists often do. 
Like our to-do lists, this month’s subjects might be filled with lots of inspiration, or may be frustrated due to things beyond my control.
 I can’t wait to see what this series unfolds, because as we all know, life doesn’t always happen according to our “to-do” list. In fact, it might get a little harried.  
I hope you will join me during this series and share right along with me. You never know what’s in store, I’m sure I don’t! 
But isn’t that part of the fun during the process of learning?
So grab that “to-do” list, and let’s get started. 
Come share and connect here with me each day. All 31 of them. Because even though it might get a little harried and hectic, there will be lots to share as that list dwindles down a little. 
AND, I look forward to sharing with you. See you again tomorrow!

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