You Never Know

The reason I write to-do lists is that it alleviates the stress I feel about all that I need to do as well as declutters my mind. Often I am able to prioritize and decide what is truly important to accomplish in a day. Ofen I find that what it all comes down to, is that much of what I want to accomplish, isn’t actually what is needed to be accomplished. Sure they are good things, and sure they will be of satisfaction, but in the grand scheme of things, how important are the things we do really? 

Although I’ve found it really helpful to write a list so that I can free up and organize my thoughts, far too often it becomes the focus of my day and I’m discouraged when I couldn’t accomplish everything on it.
 A few days ago my husband asked me to watch a video he saw on our homepage. He said that it made him feel even more thankful for me and all that I do.
I had to see it.
 As I watched it I felt like I was witnessing a video patterned after my own life. By the end, I found myself grateful for the reminder that although it is good to have a list of things that I want to  accomplish and many things that I have to, most of the things on there are things that really could be left undone without lasting consequnce. It’s reminded me that a to-do list is good to keep us on track, but to be watching throughout the day for opportunities to serve, uplift, and bring comfort and/or cheer to others. I hope that as you watch this video you are enlightened with a greater understanding of how much what you do may effect others, even if it means you won’t be accomplishing all the things on your “to-do list”. You never know how much what you have done that isn’t on that list does bless the lives of those around you.

Have a happily uplifting day! 

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