Glitzy Skeleton Wreath

The children had been begging me to decorate the house more. 
After throwing a few skimpy decorations up, I had told myself I’d done enough. Apparently it was unsatisfactory because they kept telling me they wanted to see the decorations up by the time they came home from school the next day. 
 I started looking around and decided they were right. Our mantel was looking very unfestive 
(is that a word?)
and I realized that I needed a change anyway.
Usually in October I make a semi-annual wreath. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the time to do very much crafting, so I dug up this wreath I started working on last fall, but has been sitting around in my craft cupboard ever since. 
 I had taken strips of an old pillowcase and tied them randomly all over the wreath. As I thought about what I wanted, I began to gain a vision of what that was. 
 I knew the color scheme I was going for, so when I went to Michael’s to get a few things, it was easy to pick things out.

Halloween decorations are the funnest to do because anything goes. You can’t go wrong. 
I’d forgotten how much fun it is to do something like this.
The mantel is looking a lot more festive, and we are all enjoying it.
I keep adding to it as the days pass too.
Are you ready for Halloween?
 Let the countdown begin!
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