Fall Hydrangeas

I love hydrangeas any time of year. They are so beautiful and have a way of making any atmosphere look classy and fresh. 

 Although my bushes didn’t do as well this year, my friend’s took off! I picked the ones that were starting to lose their color so I could start drying and preserving them.

  I couldn’t believe how big and full hers got.
 If you’ve never dried them yourself, it’s really easy. 
  Just take a stem,
direct cutters at an angle
and trim down
 Put in a vase of water
 And enjoy them. 
Once they start to get a little dry looking, take them out of the vase and spray them with a clear coat. I love using glitter clear coat to add a little sparkle. I tried to take a picture of the bunch I dried out last year, but the lighting was not cooperating. Don’t worry, I’ll show you these ones they are ready!
   As of right now, I’m just enjoying the multicolored beauties.

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