Glitter Spring Bats

I found a silhouette for these bats at the graphics fairy. I wanted to make some decorations to prepare for a Halloween party we are having.
This inspiration was triggered from a bat garland I found on Miss Mustard Seed.
Recently I came across these springs I cut out of a crib mattress a few years ago and thought they would be fun to use for this project.This was super easy since I made the bats, which were the most time consuming, several nights before.
 Here are a few supplies needed:
-glitter bats
-mattress springs
-dikes or wire cutters
-electrical tape 
1-Cut springs to desired sizes with dikes.
        2-Tape spring tips to bats with electrical tape. 
                                                 3-Arrange in Halloween bouquet  
 Yep. Super easy!
These are great in a number of different arrangements alone, in plants, or in a vase of flowers. If you plan to have them in water, make sure you spray the springs with a sealer first so they don’t rust.
Enjoy a little glitz!
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