Fall Home Tour- Blog Hop

Hello, Hello! I’m so glad you could join me today!! 

It’s not a usual thing for me to show you around my place, since it is rare that it’s clean enough for a tour with so many people in our household, so come on in and take advantage while you can and take a look around.
 I’ve even got the place all ready for the season. 
So come on in!

   Take a look around.

A basket of apples sits on the entry chair ready to be canned into apple pie filling.
The entry console table is the perfect place to deposit mail. Here it displays a few natural and glittery items in the lamp I made a few months ago after looking long and hard for the perfect fit and size for this table (teach you how at live creatively inspired here). It lights up a darling owl, and invites you to eat some dry roasted pumpkin seeds from a leaf dish. Wheat in a mason jar is very suitable for the season. 
 From the entry you can see the dining room with our new hutch
It’s donning an assortment of pumpkins and some turkey feathers that I got at a yard sale, for next to nothing, from someone who actually plucked those feathers themselves. Lucky me! 
 The gold rimmed china is very special to us and is a family heirloom. We eat off them every Sunday afternoon and Thanksgiving.
 I’ve been picking up a few ironstone pieces here and there on my shopping excursions.
 A few mini pumpkins add a pop of orange to the display.
  I love to have Sunflowers on the dining room table as much as possible during this time of year. They add such a greeting of sunshine to the dining area.
The table runner is 1/3 yard of printed burlap and adds a nice sentiment. 
  The kitchen is the heart of our home, as is typical of anyone’s, I would imagine. A lot of time is spent here. I love this room and dread if I ever have to give it up since I designed the layout. It is completely suitable for our needs and is ready for the season with everything we’ll need for soups and hot drinks within our reach.


 More farm fresh apples are ready for the taking as well as some seasoned pumpkin seeds in a candle jar.
 A small chalkboard with magnets attached to the back for hanging on the fridge offers space for us to write messages to each other as well as use as a grocery lists.
 We are fortunate to enjoy a fireplace in our kitchen. The mantel is one that I designed and made with the help of a family friend a couple of years ago. It has been fun decorating if for the season.
 The old fencing was from a free pile from craigslist. The buggy warmer is a family heirloom.
 Decorating with lanterns is a personal favorite because of the multitudes of things that can be displayed in them as well as their practical function. Here we enjoy some cinnamon scented pine cones. 
 The living room is the coziest room of the house with plenty of space to curl up and enjoy some beautiful music or a good book. Many a family discussion and friendly visits have taken place in this area of the house.
 An owl is perched on the coffee table with a candle inside to offer a nice aroma and extra light on those gray bleak days ahead. The branch is one my son brought to me. Many of the natural decorations are those the children collected for me while outside playing, at school, or walking home from a friends house.
 This room is child friendly with the candy corn and fabric pumpkins. The children love this part.
 The mantel that displayed some fun Halloween decorations just a short time ago, now sparkles with glitzy fabric & metallic painted pumpkins, and glass.
The fabric pumpkins were a gift from a friend. The pine cone in front of the squirrel is hiding a broken foot due to the love of a sweet girl.
 Well, that wraps up my tour for today, I’m so glad you came along so I could share with you. Still aching for some inspiration? Well you are in the best of luck, do I ever have a treat for you!
I’m joining with 4 other talented bloggers to bring you some more beautiful Fall inspiration. Just hop on over to the next one on the list and enjoy.

Oh, and by the way, please pay me a visit again. You are always welcome back!

7 thoughts on “Fall Home Tour- Blog Hop

  1. Hi Michele! Thank you for hosting this Fall 2014 Home Tour. I love all your decorative touches throughout your home. Have a great weekend. Michelle @ Dandelion Patina


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