2014 Project Favorites

Happy New year and Welcome! I’m so excited about 2015 and am grateful for all the blessings and growth from the past year. I have learned a great deal and have been able to really recognize my all that I have been blessed with and given and where my priorities need to be through my experiences. Today I’m happy to be hosting a 2014 favorites blog hop and hope that you enjoy seeing all our favorites. 

I’m assuming that you know what my most popular projects are, seeing as how they are listed on my sidebar. So this time I wanted to list my favorite projects of the year (in no particlar order). This means they were the most enjoyable for me to do and have given me lasting satisfaction and enjoyment!
So, make yourself some delicious eggnog, have it hot or chilled, and enjoy… 😉

  #10- cabinet knob transformation

#9- Spring Wreath
#8- Refinished Hutch 
#7-Framed Chalkboard
#6-Finishing the Mud Room 
#5-Framing an Outlet
#4-Halloween Wreaths
#3-Refinished Dining Chairs
#2-Place Markers
#1-Christmas Signs
I’ve loved sharing with you today and hope you are looking forward to a fun and creative 2015!

Don’t forget to check out these other fun favorites!

4 thoughts on “2014 Project Favorites

  1. Michele, As always a great job linking our blogs together for 2014 favorites. I love working with you but I have to say your talent shines through every corner of your Lived in Home(which is the best home).Happy Creating in 2015, Karen Marie


  2. Hi Michele,I loved going back through your posts from 2014. I did not see the one on the outlet framing. Love that so I pinned. That makes those outlets just a little prettier to look at. Love this idea. Happy Sunday.Kris


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