Baby Jar Illuminaries

I was working in our food storage room the other day when I came accross a basket full of baby food jars.

I didn’t realize I had kept them since I had remembered giving a box full of them to a friend who does Stampin’ Up! some years ago. As soon as I found them, I got an idea. I’ve been looking at votive holders at the store lately for some votives and tea lights I found in our closet the other day (I’ve been organizing lately…more to come) and just didn’t feel like spending the money on them. It already feels like we have too much “stuff” so I’ve been trying to use what we have on hand already. So as you can imagine, the idea for what I wanted to use some of the baby food jars for was immediately inspired by the tea lights and votives.

 I found numbered wine markers at Target a few years ago and pulled them out of my stash. I knew they’d come in handy for a great project one day.. I just can’t resist numbers. I took off the clamps that go around the stemware and just left the little ring on, threading jute through after wrapping it around the threading on the jars and easily knotting them. We had sand from a science project for one of the children, so I filled the jars partially full and popped in the tea light. So simple!

They add some warmth to our grey days. 
And I love how they look next to our pecking chicken.
For size variation I added a small canning jar to the collection. 
While taking pictures of the candles on the mantel, I noticed my Chicken Feed sign was looking a little dry. 
So I brushed on some staining conditioner. It made a huge difference, don’t you think?
I’m loving the simple, yet warm, look for now. 
Hope your days are full of warmth if not sunshine!

9 thoughts on “Baby Jar Illuminaries

  1. Those are lovely. I found a big box of baby food jars at work 2 weeks ago; they had been in storage and had to go. Although I knew something crafty could be done, no one wanted them and I just could not bring myself to bring them home to my overstuffed house. Oh well, at least they are being recycled and will not totally go to waste.


  2. Wow Michele, I know what you mean! I have been doing a lot of purging lately and throwing out a lot of things that have “potential” sometimes it just isn't worth the heartache of clutter (both in head and home)! 😉


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