Crumpled Paper Bag Banner tutorial and Linky Party

Welcome, welcome! I’m excited to share with you my first EVER linky party. What?! Yeah, never thought I would do this, but I am excited to be teaming up with 4 other bloggers for a weekly “Little bit of Everything” linky Party,  I’ll explain more later, so look for that below.

For now, I want to share

a simple project today that I made for my boys room.

I’ve been working away in there and can’t wait to let you see it all, but one step at a time, right? So here is the focus of the day. For the longest time I didn’t do anything in this room because I didn’t know what theme to work around. Lately I’ve been thinking to at least do something. Anything. And it all started to just fall together. They already had a couple of airplane decals I got from an etsy store a few years ago (I know…a long time ago) but they were falling off.
Well, one was already peeled off with only the track lines miraculously remaining.
Kids peeled it from the wall. Guess it looked like the thing to do. I decided to go ahead and use the one decal that was left as a stencil, then everything else started to evolve.
{Long story later}
 I decided to add a banner. I loved the look of maps from different pictures from my Boys Room Pinterest board and knew I wanted to incorporate them somehow.
(I will be sharing a few more projects with the maps from our very used atlas at a later date.)
Wanna see how this one was made? Great! Here’s the rundown.
I had these packaging stuffers from Country Chic Paint

(can’t wait to share that with you either!)
And thought they were perfect for the look I was thinking of since they were already crumpled up. I laid them out flat and grabbed the only thing I could find that even remotely resembled the size triangle I wanted…

yep, it’s my toolbox, sawdust and all. 
finished off the triangle with a straight edge (my tile grout sample….okay, tiling too. I’ve got a lot to share, don’t I.)
Cut it out and used it as my template. Once I’d cut out 7 more triangles
I cut it about 1/2″ smaller and used it for my map template.
and cut seven more.
After gluing the map triangle to the front of the paper bag triangles, I took a hot cocoa break to give them time to dry and watch my cute little girls at work on their own projects.
I love that they start working on projects of their own when I’m doing one!
Once dry I picked out a piece of designed card stock and cut it down to 6″ to cut out the word “Explore” on my cricut.
I love this thing, it’s old, but it works great and saves me a whole lot of time!
After I glued the letters to the front of each triangle, I flipped the pieces over and glued on a string of jute, leaving enough room at the edges to tie it to something. I let that dry for an hour.
Originally I was thinking to tie the banner to the brackets of the shelf, but I wanted a back drop for pictures and used large paper clips to secure the banner to this old shutter I love but haven’t been able to find a home for.

After placing it on the shelf and taking some photos, my son liked it so much that we decided to leave it there permanently.

I love a good project that involves the children. We’re thrilled with how it all turned out!

Now on to the linky. Shall we?

This is where you get to share YOUR sweet projects! I can’t wait to see them. Please leave your link and, in return, visit other link ups as well. We all love a nice comment. Oh, and each one of these wonderful blogs will be picking their favorites to share later on.
Happy Partying!

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