Folding Table and Chair

I know that in the Eastern side of the country it has been unbearably cold and snowy, but for us here on the West Coast, it has been an unsually mild winter and the last few days, although chilly, have been surprisingly gorgeous. We are just waiting for the cold front to strike, but until it does, I’m going to take every advantage I can to enjoy the feelings of spring!  A few years ago (which I’m starting to think should be my blog name) I purchased this cute little folding table from a yard sale held by a flea market vendor.

sorry about the floor, table is under an existing project…more later! 😉

I was told it is an antique t.v. tray…if there is such a thing. phff! Has t.v. been around long enough for there to be antique t.v. trays? Anyway, I got it for a mere $5 and put it in my little boys room as his night stand. As he’s gotten older, the need for a night stand with drawers has become more practical, so we have been storing this guy out in the garage for the last 2-3 years. I wasn’t sure how or what I was going to make of it until I ran across this chair the other day on my way into the Thrift store while looking for something else.

It was marked at $3.99. Seriously? So I immediately tried to figure out what was wrong with it. Nothing. Sturdier than our dining table. Ummm…Mine! I couldn’t wait to get it home. Immediately I knew it was going with the folding table. The fun part was picking out the color and spray painting. After asking this cute couple in the spray paint isle at our local hardware store which out of two “looked more like Spring”, I, or should I say we, chose Rust-Oleum 2X Lagoon in Satin. 
And I LOVE it. 
 So much in fact, that I only lightly sanded the edges and a couple of places where it dripped a little to give it a slightly loved and used feel.
Happy thing is, I have leftovers from the second can and am looking for my next victim lucky project to use it on. 😉
I imagine it will eventually sit on a patio, porch, or by somebody’s pool as the perfect place to sit and read while enjoying a favorite drink.
The top was a perfect place for a chalkboard and would be fun for playing tic-tac-toe on with the kiddos…or leaving sweet messages.
One of the many things I hate to let go of but is going to the shop tomorrow in hopes of finding the perfect home. With no covered patio, we lack the right kind of space.
Hope you are able to feel a little bit of that spring fever where you are, if not, color is the perfect way to start!

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