Side Table With Cork Inlay

While perusing the goodwill the other day, I came upon this solid wood table. Though it didn’t look like anything special, it’s lines were perfect for just about anything. So for 8 bucks, I drug it home and plopped it in the garage.

A couple days later while waiting for the paint in my hallways to dry (more on that to come) I mixed up some homemade chalk paint using a sample I got from Lowe’s a few years ago. Because the table had so much polyurethane on the legs, I went ahead and gave it a coat of water base primer, then two coats of the home mixed paint. 
Right away I knew there were a couple issues I needed to address.
1. The holes that were drilled into it to accommodate for what I’m assuming was a docking station
2. Worn out areas of the table top
3. bubbling wood from over use  and probably water damage. 
That’s when I thought the best solution was to make this side table with cork inlay. I love how the edges are raised to accommodate for something like that. So after applying a layer of contact cement,
I covered the whole top with a layer of rolled cork that I purchased from our home improvement center for just under $10.
Using a sharp pocket knife, I cut the edges while following the lines of the table. 

To address the issue of the holes, I decided to put a layer of cork inside, and on the back, as well. I cut the larger one open so that it could still be used to accommodate a docking station, 
while hiding the other holes that were pretty unsightly.
I had a basket I’d purchased previously that fit perfect inside like a drawer. I love how it matches the cork and looks like they were made to be together.  
I’ve used this paint color on other things before and never tire of its fresh spring look. I loved the clean look so well that I did something I rarely do… 
I didn’t distress it. 
I love the almost beach cottage vibe from this piece. 
I can just imagine it sitting next to a white linen topped bed with an open window while a breeze flutters some breezy curtain panels next to it, can’t you?
Do you have a furniture re-do you would like to share? Please join me and 5 other bloggers Thursday for our next Project Challenge and link up your latest furniture piece!
See you then 😉

2 thoughts on “Side Table With Cork Inlay

  1. OOO, I LOVE IT…all of it…the style, the basket, the color…and especially lovin' the cork….I am sure going to be looking for a table to do this very thing….


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