Project Challenge #4 {Linky Party}- A Furniture Piece

Welcome to Project Challenge #4! Don’t forget that it’s a linky party too, so we would love to see what you have to share!! This month’s theme is a furniture piece.

I know that what most people have in mind with this theme is a painted piece, I think that was my original intention, but I have 3 pieces I’ve been intending to re-upholster for quite some time. Getting things checked off the to-do list is, after all, one of the reasons for participating in this challenge, right?! So I tackled this project head on. Having re-upholstered 3 wing chairs in the past really gave me some good experience in my back pocket (so I thought).

 This specific chair having been one of the–eh-hem. The first time around… I wasn’t so proud of and finished the day I went into labor with this little guy.

Yeah. He’s 8. It was time to fix a job gone bad. The back was never quite tacked on there correctly. It’s actually quite an embarassment (as is this whole picture I might add) which is why it sat in the down stairs family room for all these years as soon as I could find a replacement for it in the living room.

In fact, it was an all around shotty job that took me months to complete. If you could really call it complete in the end. Even with it’s terrible “new look”, every time someone sat in it, they would proclaim, “Never get rid of this chair!” Which I could dismiss until my husband was one of them.
That’s when I knew it needed to be a project with a deadline. It quickly became the perfect Project Challenge candidate!
If I was going to do this whole thing over again, there were quite a few issues that I needed to ensure didn’t repeat themselves.
(as shown in the pictures below)

 In addition to these issues, the original upholstery had a skirt. When I reupholstered it, I thought it would look neat if I refinished the legs and let them show. I never got around to refinishing them…

This is what the family got used to seeing.
At first I was going to slip cover over it. But let’s face it, you only slipcover over something you might want to see again someday. 
I didn’t want to see this again. 
So, knowing my deadline was coming up, I tore everything off of it. 
 Started all over again and changed out some of the batting.
(this is the before)
By the time the children got home the next afternoon,
it looked like this (minus the skirt). 
I think any project worthwhile tends to have blood sweat and tears involved. After working on it all day, I had stapled my finger, considered taking up swearing, and decided that if this chair ever needed reupholstering again, it was time to give it up for good!
The satisfaction came when each of the children took turns at different times (without knowing the others were doing the same) sitting in it and asking if they could have the chair in their rooms.
 They couldn’t keep off of it.
 There was always somebody sitting in it with a smile.
Over the next week I tacked on the skirt
adding pleats at the corners to make it lay nicer.
This time around, I sewed the front piece of the arm onto the armrest instead of getting frustrated with the separate piece it was last time and ending up hot glueing it. 
I know. Nice, huh?!
I wanted it to still have the casual look of a slipcover. 
I think that goal was accomplished. 

The children were all afraid that I was going to take it to the shop.

I’m glad to say we all love it.
It’s going to be around for awhile!
Next month’s challenge, some kind of fencing. So be sure to join us next month too.

Now, what have you got for us?!

It’s your turn to link-up below as well as check out these other beautifully revived furniture pieces!
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13 thoughts on “Project Challenge #4 {Linky Party}- A Furniture Piece

  1. Michele that is so awesome! I hear you about the sweat and tears. But those projects are usually the best in the end 🙂 My kids always ask if we are keeping stuff too – usually we are not much to their dismay. If I kept everything they exclaim over I'd not be able to walk through my house at all!


  2. Wow, wow, looks great! I just adore the piping you've used on the chair! It really gives it an extra special touch! I just love that not only is the chair beautiful, but also super comfy!


  3. Be still my heart! I adore the ticking, and you did a fantastic job, Michelle! My kids are the same when I recover something. It just makes home feel special.


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