Project Challenge #5 {Linky Party}- Some Kind of Fencing

I’m not gonna lie to you. Of all the project challenges we have had and have lined up to do, I was looking most forward to this one. As those of you who follow my blog know, I LOVE working with old fencing! So before I get too far into this post, I would like to remind you that I am sharing this project with 5 other fabulous bloggers, and that at the end of this post, you can link up your fencing project as well. It can be old, or it can be new. We want to see it!! 😉
Now….onto project #5, huh?!

This is another one of my craigslist finds. I had texted this man asking him if a cabinet he had posted was still available. “Hurry down here” was the reply. So I hopped into the car with my very cooperative 5 year old and high tailed out there, only to find that he had already gotten rid of the main interest. This and another cabinet were what he had left to show me. YUCK!!
 Since I was already there, I went ahead and let him load them into my Suburban. I could always carry them over to the donation drop off, after all. Right?
But I liked the lines of this one and decided it needed some sort of backing. So I cleaned it up with bleach water (my regular go to). And straight razored off the contact paper you can see on there. It came off rather easily. 
My mother is here visiting (thank heavens!) so we sat and visited while we painted it this beautiful Country Chic Paint color. 
One coat of primer and 2 coats of chalk paint later, I added some of our old fence boards to the back. 
My mom had this awesome idea to add the white fencing to the back top. I’ve had this kicing around our back yard for ions. It was also a craigslist find.

Very little effort with BIG impact, I think. What about you? 
Do you like the character the fencing adds? 
Don’t forget to check out these other great projects.
What have you got for us? Please share by linking up below and remember next month’s challenge, sheet or corrugated metal!


6 thoughts on “Project Challenge #5 {Linky Party}- Some Kind of Fencing

  1. It turned out really nice, you did a great job! I like projects with old fence too, it's just getting harder to find. I usually have to buy new then use my magic mixture to make it look old. Thanks for sharing I will have to remember this if I find an old shelf that needs a back.


  2. Such a pretty color! You are very brave to take that dusty & crusty piece home. Sometimes I wuss out on fun finds simply because I am too lazy to clean it up. lol Great job!


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