Summer Home Tour Series- Junk Chic Cottage

Hello friends! I’m so excited to share my second annual Summer Home Tour Series with you today! If you are a regular reader, you may remember that I started this series last year. {You can see all those tours by clicking on the Summer Home Tour tab under my header.} I am beyond excited for the line up I have for you this season. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure if I was going to have this series again, but when I did a shout out to get a feel for the possibility, there was such an immediate response, I found the whole summer booked rapidly and with such a great variety and whole lot of inspiration, I knew I had to run with it. So today, I present our 2015 Summer Home Tour Series!!

 I hope you find it inspiring and fun!!

 To kick off this summer’s line up I’m excited to bring you a very special guest whose every blog post I’ve ever seen has left me positively melting and loaded with inspiration. Her home is truly junkin’ gorgeous, both inside and out! You are in for a treat, so let’s get the show on the road, shall we?!

Hi Everyone I am Kris and I blog over at Junk Chic Cottage.  

I was asked by the lovely Michele to be part of her Summer Home Tour Series.  

Summer is my favorite season.  I am such a summer girl and love the summer months here in the midwest so this was fun to show you some of the ways I add summer to my home inside and out.

Let me start with the front of our home.  I actually have two front doors.  A wooden door for fall and winter and this pretty yellow door for Spring and Summer.  Yep!  I have two front doors!  Love that I can change out my doors for the seasons.
With having a yellow front door for Spring and Summer,  I did a yellow and blue theme for my flowers this year out front.

I like to add signature vintage items in with my garden flowers.  I have this sweet vintage bike that I love to dress up with flowers in the garden.

This old barn door I made into a potting table for out front.  Makes for a great place to plant and re pot flowers.

With my home inside being mostly white and neutrals it is fun for me to add vibrant color to my garden.

Love adding old vintage pieces to enhance the flowers in the garden.  This old garden fence use to be a headboard in my home.  I love it as a focal point in the front flower bed.

Moving inside my home.  I have summer rain boots, a summer umbrella and summer garden hats  in the front entry.  I have vintage frames holding chalk boards that I can change up for the seasons.

I am a big garden girl so I love to bring the garden from outside in with some of my decor.  I brought in this watering can and chippy garden chair.

Just fun to add touches of the garden inside my home.
I have this old piece of picket fence over a small vintage dresser.  I put roses and vines to mimic the way they grow outside on the old picket fence.

In my french farm house kitchen I like to add more touches of summer with flowers in my white ironstone pitchers and more garden hats and flower gathering baskets.

Just like out in the summer garden I  love to add unique vintage pieces to my decor inside.  This gather sign hanging rack is made out of an old headboard.  Painted with chalk board paint and then all things garden hanging on it.  The old bench is made out of an old chippy door.  This area is next to my french doors leading out to the back  deck and garden.

My love birds sit in their nest and I used garden flowers and little pots to decorate this fun cage.  Hanging this in the window just brings some whimsy to my decor.

You will find different birdhouse’s throughout my home decor.  This old chippy door actually came from an old lake cottage they were tearing down in the lake town I live in.  I love the history to this door.

As you can see the cottage garden theme continues through out most of my rooms.  The old bird cages hanging by the TV were made into hanging pendent lights.

These chippy shutters from an old lake cottage home and the cast iron vintage mail box stuffed with summer flowers hanging on the arched window hang on my living room wall.
Love my outdoor deck.  It really becomes another room for me during the summer months.

It is the perfect place for me to spend my summer days relaxing, reading and getting sun.

Thank you Michele for inviting me to share some of the summer touches I have added to my cottage home.

So, are you having to pick yourself up off the floor too? Can’t you practically smell her blooming garden? Thank you for sharing with us Kris, and thank you all for joining us today as it has truly been a pleasure! Don’t forget to hop on over to Kris’ blog and come back next Friday to view another beautiful home tour!

22 thoughts on “Summer Home Tour Series- Junk Chic Cottage

  1. Michele,A delightful idea to feature Kris's whimsical charming cottage. I love how Kris takes a junkiń item or architectural piece and positions, embellishes and enhances its appearance to appear magically playful in her home. Kris's style is creative and inviting.Vera


  2. Your garden is lovely, Kris, as is your home. All the prettiest color combinations of your flowers outside. And rooms inside that feel like being part of the garden. And to change your front door seasonally, the ultimate!


  3. Hi Michele,So lovely to discover your blog via Kris! Kris' home is uniquely pretty; she has a knack for taking any object, whether it be an architectural piece or bouquet of beauties and merging them all into one wonderfully inspiring, magazine worthy collection that wows us every time! Thanks for featuring her in your lovely series!Happy weekend, ladies!Poppy


  4. Michelle. Kris is an awesome decorator. She has a good heart too. I have loved blogging with her. You are so right, you can get inspired by her décor. If I drove by her house, I would have to slow down to look at everything. Thank you for featuring Kris. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


  5. I have been following Kris ever since I started blogging. She is terrific and her home is beautiful. I will be following your blog now and its so nice to meet you.Have a wonderful weekend.Mary


  6. I adore Kris and her fabulous sense of style! She has created a gorgeous home filled with beauty and character (and that deck is to die for!!!)Fabulous home to share on your home tour!


  7. Kris has such a beautiful and wonderful home. I absolutely LOVE all of her fabulous architectural chippy pieces that she incorporates into her decor. She has the greatest ideas that her dear husband executes! Love Kris and her constant creativity and inspiration!!Mary Alice


  8. I absolutely adore Kris's home and garden….everything is always so incredibly beautiful!!! I love the way she uses architectural elements inside and out……she is such an inspiration :o)~Des


  9. I follow Kris, and just love her blog. She's such an inspiration with her creativity…using unusual pieces in her home, and also in her gardens. She's a breath of fresh air!!Debbie


  10. Hi Michelle, so nice to meet you. My comment just disappeared so I'll try again. So nice to see Kris's post here and lovely summer home feature. I have followed her for awhile and she is not only a sweetheart but a talented decorator too. Visiting her home is always an inspiration. Love her gardens too.Thanks for sharing and so enjoyed Kris's post and your lovely blog too.Have a nice weekend.Hugs, Celestina Marie


  11. Great post Michele. I simply adore Kris and her blog. That garden!!! I can imagine me sitting on her deck and just admiring all the pretties!Looking forward to the series!Hugs Ladies!Gee


  12. I ADORE Kris and her wonderful junk chic style ~ thank you so much for inviting her to share a little bit more about herself with all of us, Michele!xo,Lin


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