Summer Porch- Dose of DIY Blog Hop

Welcome to the Dose of DIY blog hop!

I’ve been looking forward to this date for quite sometime! I was quite honored to be asked to join a group of friends for a monthly blog hop to share what we create based on a certain theme, So don’t forget to check out their inspiring projects at the end of this post! This is our first month and the theme is dressing up your front door or porch. To me this means, put a wreath and some inviting flowers out. Since that is what I do every spring to get ready for summer anyway, I decided to share my new front door decoration with you! 😉

I found this fishing creel at one of my favorite antique shops. It was discounted at a price I couldn’t refuse and because it is falling apart and weathered, it’s perfect! I knew what I was going to do with it the moment I saw it.

The thing that’s so great about working with a base that has so much character already, is that it doesn’t take much to dress it up. So with my handy dandy 50% off coupon from JoAnnes, I purchased a few flowers. I kept with white because I liked that they stood out real well. For some reason I am really drawn to lighter colors lately. I think it’s because of my need to have everything brightened up and clean feeling. I tend to do that in the summer.

For this project, there was no great tutorial, because all I did was fold the stems down for the hydrangeas and use them as the main bouquet. Then I added the taller ones in the back using the same method. I did clip off the trailing flowers because I only wanted three of them.

I added a card with the initial of our last name to the buckle with some lace. I bought a set of these old alphabet flashcards at the same antique shop. You’d think I’d won the lottery with how excited I was when I bought them. I’m thrilled about all the fun future projects I can do with them, makes me giddy every time I think about it! (I’m easy to please)
The number was purchased at the same time and represents how many people are in our family. 
I needed a new door hanging since our front porch needed some freshening up. This one was so easy, taking me less than 15 min. to put together!
Don’t you love a quick project that comes out the way you expected or even better?!

I love bouquets with faux flowers because I don’t have to worry about keeping them alive. I have a real nack for forgetting about the real ones and then slowly killing them off. I know, terribly sad.

While I was hanging my new door hanging, I decided the front porch could use a little freshening up. So I rearranged and added a few things.

I bought this barrel at my favorite annual yard sale last year. I paid $10 and it came with the stand. It’s been sitting on my front porch since my Fall porch makeover (you can read about that here), through Christmas (to see that one, go here), and I’m still not ready to remove it. I repositioned it to the other side of the porch and stenciled our house number on it, then topped it with this old lantern a friend at my favorite nursery gave to me.
On the other side is this stool I got from the same antique store as the fishing creel was bought. I placed a lavendar plant wrapped with some decorative burlap on it with a little lantern I bought on a goodwill excursion. More on the stool later. 😉
You might recognize this chalkboard I made with an old wire frame and plywood awhile back. (More on that here) I changed the font using this technique.

My family was gone when I was re-doing the porch. It was rewarding when they came home and told me how much they liked it. Funny the things they’ll notice that you don’t think they would!

Now wouldn’t you like to see some other amazing ideas?! 

Go ahead and hop around to these other fabulous project and get your creative juices flowing!
Oh, and please come back every 3rd Monday to see what else we have in store. July’s theme is Pillows…can’t wait to see you again soon!

4 thoughts on “Summer Porch- Dose of DIY Blog Hop

  1. Love your front porch and door decoration…. so cute! You did a great job putting it all together… I have been looking for barrel just like yours for my daughters wedding…but the prices they want here are so expensive…and you found yours for $10…. what a deal!


  2. Love your summer porch Michele and your fishing creel “wreath”. So creative. That barrel is awesome. I have been looking for one too and haven't been able to find anything under $100 so you got a really great deal.


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