Summer Home Tour Series- My Creative Days

Ready to do some swooning? I love every turn this house has to offer on yet another wonderful Summer Home Tour! I’m amazed at how somebody could take what would be such an ordinary house and give it such character. The decorative touch here is inspiring. I think you’ll know what I mean once you see for yourself. So let me introduce Lindsay:

from My Creative Days

The floor is all yours Lindsay:

 I am so excited to be a part of this Summer Home Tour Series! I love home tours and find myself spending way too much time oohing and aahing over all the beautiful pictures of where bloggers call home. For my tour, I took a few pictures of the inside of our home, but I am also including pictures of the outside. My husband and I love to landscape our yard just as much as decorate the inside of our home and the summer months are perfect for getting some great pictures of the yard. On to the tour: Summer Home Tour 2015 We live in a split-foyer home. Not my favorite layout, but it works for now. The one thing we really love about this style home are the regular sized windows in the basement. They bring in a ton of natural light and it doesn’t seem like you are in a dark and dingy basement at all. Summer Home Tour 2015 Our living room hasn’t changed much since the last pictures I took. I did add the new coffee table and I had to replace the desk I had. I will be sharing that makeover next week. Summer Home Tour 2015 I don’t really decorate for the summer season, but I do love to cut fresh flowers from our yard to bring inside. tour3

Summer Home Tour 2015 Our back porch is still our favorite hang out during the summer months. We have had a relatively mild summer so far so we have gotten a ton of use out of our porch. Summer Home Tour 2015 The ladder and baskets in our porch do change their decorating style during the summer months. They are full of flip-flops and beach bags instead of hats, mittens and boots. Summer Home Tour 2015 In our back yard, we built a “tiny house” for the kiddos to play in. It is fully equipped with a kitchen, “Be Nice” sign, a table and chairs and a phone. 🙂 Summer Home Tour 2015 The kids love playing in the “tiny house”, but during the summer months, the outdoor kitchen is their favorite spot in the back yard. You can’t believe all the gourmet dishes that have come out of that kitchen! Summer Home Tour 2015 I found the perfect spot to put the bench I bought at the Elegant Barn Sale this past spring. It was the perfect addition behind our garage between the trellis’. Summer Home Tour 2015

tour12 I am really excited to get some makeovers started and done in our home throughout the rest of this summer. We have both smaller projects and bigger projects planned. I am crossing my fingers they all go smoothly. Just like every DIY project should. 😉

Don’t you just love her house?! I love that there is one for the children that looks just as inviting. Their kitchen is the absolute best! 😉 For me, there isn’t enough time in a day to enjoy Lindsay’s blog, so I’m going to take it all in little chunks. I hope you will stop on over at her blog and see all the amazing projects she has to share. 

Until next Friday, stay comfortably cool, 

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