Project Challenge #7- Reclaimed Wood

Hello, hello!! You know I love this time of the month when I get to join 5 of my favorite bloggers to share the projects we come up with for a challenge. This month’s theme is reclaimed wood, and let me tell you, I struggled with this! Not because I couldn’t think of what to do, but because my poor little brain was bursting with ideas and I couldn’t decide which project to choose…there are SO MANY options. Finally I saw a picture that struck me and the idea evolved into a plant stand. I have been wanting a special little place to put an otherwise awkward planter on.

That’s when I pulled out this panel of fencing a friend of mine gave to me when rebuilding their fence (top left). It was easy to disassemble. Just a few screws with the drill (top middle) and pulling out some odd nails with a nail puller, detaching them from the 2x4s (top right). This process on old fencing is WAY easier then those darn nails from a pallet. (Yuck. It only took one project for me to figure that out.)

The boards were already at 3 ft, so I didn’t even have to cut them all. Just a couple to smooth out the edges. The width of 2 boards was the perfect width, so I cut 4 pieces from a 2×4 to anchor them to (bottom left) After attaching them with screws, I stood them up on top of 2 fence boards (bottom center) and measured the width for 4 more 2x4s (bottom right). 
After attaching them together I stood it up and added a table top using three fence boards and finished off the bottom with sashing from a board that had split in half.
This is when I decided it had not turned out anything like I’d envisioned. 
All that time with interruptions and many squats (I was super sore the next day, Hahaha!) for nothing. But why stop now, right?
I brought out three colors of stain with the perfect finishing in mind. 
Nope. Just looked dirtier. 
After taking a break with a much needed snack and water, I was ready to go at it again and had decided to white wash it. I thought of Tom Sawyer the whole time. I had to dilute the boards with a spray bottle every now and then to make the paint easier to brush on. A simple, yet very helpful technique! 😉
I liked how it looked then. My favorite “perfectly imperfect” look which is the whole purpose of using reclaimed wood, right? Adding an iron hook, much like the one I used on my garage door makeover, was like the perfect touch of jewelry to an outfit. 
The wreath added the perfect amount of fresh color. 
{The lemonade was a welcome treat.} 
Something was still missing while I was taking photos though. 
Finally I thought of the perfect thing. 
A stencil my mom bought me back in May when she came to visit.
Yep. That felt like the sprinkles on a cupcake. 
A couple claps of the hands and a few squeals and I became snap happy with the camera. 
The perfect spot for an odd shaped pot. Right?! 
Time to get yourself a refreshing drink and hop on over to all of these other amazing projects!

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Do you have a reclaimed wood project you would like to share as well? Please join us and link it up below. 
Oh, and…bottoms up! 😉

7 thoughts on “Project Challenge #7- Reclaimed Wood

  1. Oh this just turned out so pretty!! I'll have to remember to keep a spray bottle of water handy next time I white wash something. I hadn't thought of doing that and it sure would make things easier! I have been wanting to make myself a plant stand for years and now after seeing your cutie I really want one!!


  2. Hi Michele! Super cute plant stand. I love how you do monograms and stencils. My post ACTUALLY worked on schedule!!! 🙂 I am so glad. We were camping with no wifi or reception. Talk to you soon!


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