Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie

Don’t you think this is the best time of year for smoothies? I love the last few weeks of summer that start meshing into fall. The fresh air and the warm months that continue to give us beautiful sunrises and gorgeous sunsets. 
While the children are out of school, it’s a great way to give them a healthy breakfast or snack. Then when they start school, it’s a quick breakfast to drink on the run. 
Lately I have been on a healthier eating challenge that is encouraging me to focus on getting my daily servings of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and fibers. What better way to squeeze all those in than a mid-morning power boost smoothie? 
The best thing about it is that this is one way my children actually beg to eat their fruits and vegetables instead of complain about them! I often play around with different ingredient combinations when I make smoothies until I find one that everyone loves.
Yesterday I came up with this one because I had some canned pineapple juice that needed to be used.
I think that if a smoothie is so good that your child is licking the drips off the table, 
it is a  must share, don’t you? 
That’s why I decided to share this one with you today! 
Enough talking already, on to the recipe, right?! 😉

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