Summer Home Tour Series- Sew A Fine Seam

Today I’m excited to share a beautiful 100 year old home tour by someone I have had the pleasure of getting to know while working together these past months in my Project Challenge group. You might recognize her home from our Christmas home tour blog hop, where I first discovered her myself, as well. As you are about to see, everything she does has such a special touch, you can’t wait to see what she is going to come up with next. I’m delighted to bring you Jill from Sew A Fine Seam.


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blog header safs wide
Hello! What fun to be sharing a bit of my home with you this Summer, here on Michele’s blog! I’m Jill Flory and I blog at Sew a Fine Seam. I live in a small town in Ohio, in a house that is over 100 years old. We’ve been fixing it up and remodeling it for 18 years now. porch remodel-23
Last fall my 9yo carved gourds on the porch ledge and the seeds landed in the flower bed. This year those seeds sprouted and we have gourds trying to take over! There is a bike under that plant – if you look closely you can see the basket poking out! Makes for a good green ground cover I guess. porch remodel-22
We’ve cut the plant away from the step at our front door 3 times and it’s still taking over!summer decor 2015-24
On the front porch we have black rattan chairs from IKEA. These were new this summer and we like them a lot.summer decor 2015-25
I’ve had this greenhouse made out of old windows for several years. It moves around some but has found a home on the front porch for a couple years now.porch remodel-20
Our kitchen porch was just replaced this spring/summer. The before and the process can be found here. We love the wrap around step and are very glad to be rid of the old, broken concrete that was here before.summer decor 2015-21
Inside the front door – this little table has been here for years. I tucked long pieces of bay leaves into the basket for Christmas last year and they stayed through spring. We had a small batch of wheat grass we let grow and ripen and then cut when it turned golden, and I replaced the bay with the wheat. I like it a lot, especially for late summer and going into fall.
summer decor 2015-20
Sweet nest and some fresh black-eyed susan help keep the look ‘summer’ for a bit longer!summer decor 2015-22
My dining room nook is one of my favorite features of our home. The tall windows let in a lot of light and the space makes the room seem bigger. I stash extra stuff in this area when I’m preparing for a pop-up shop event and it’s a fun area to decorate when it isn’t being used for storage 😀
The wood artwork and wood feathers can be found here.
summer decor 2015-23
Across the dining room from the nook is my china cupboard. It houses all manner of dishes, both old and new, bits of decor, glassware, and all those drawers catch little odds and ends that no one wants to get rid of but no one seems to know exactly where those odds and ends belong either!summer decor 2015-16
Beside the nook is a dresser that doubles as a sideboard/storage piece. The large trophy cup is from Home Goods and is filled with my Incrediball Hydrangea. I love these blooms and highly recommend you plant some! I use them a lot in my decor.summer decor 2015-17
summer decor 2015-15
For some summer touches on my kitchen window sill, I added a miniature flowering plant from Trader Joes, an aloe vera plant from a friend, and a left over baby’s tears plant from a pop-up shop event. The old funnels are mostly from my Grandpa’s workshop and they just make me happy.summer decor 2015-14
Another update I did for summer is the curtain in our upstairs bathroom. The shower stall is in the corner and it’s what you see when you walk up the stairs. I’ve always hung a curtain here but this summer I updated it by hanging a couple linen curtains that used to hang in my dining room. I added some ribbons to the top and simply tied it to the copper rod. sheet metal project challenge
One corner of our bedroom boasts this unique, antique chair. Behind it I hung the book rack I created using an old metal magazine holder, a piece of wood and a piece of metal roof flashing. You can see the details of that project here.summer decor 2015-9
More hydrangea blooms bring some summertime to the living room. I love the way they look in my vintage olive bucket.summer decor 2015-10
If you look close you can see my 9yo’s boats – there is one in the cabinet and one on the round table. She made them and they are such a fun summer decor addition.
summer decor 2015-2
A bit of a closer look at the boat. My 9yo also picked the flower bouquet too.
summer decor 2015-5
summer decor 2015-12
My shutters are about my favorite decor feature we’ve added to this house. They are vintage shutters and my husband altered them to fit. They are functional and we like that we can close them at night. (see our cat photobombing from outside the window?)summer decor 2015-13
summer decor 2015-8
I added this fun, vintage petticoat to my dress form a couple weeks ago. I think she’s happier now all dressed up for summertime!
summer decor 2015-26
Another update we made this summer – this gorgeous, vintage chandelier. This now hangs in my dining room and I love it. I like how you can see the living room beyond the dining room, it makes the house feel more open and a bit larger.
summer decor 2015-18
I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a bit of our home and our summer updates and decor touches.
Thanks so much Michele, for including me in your Summer Home Tour this year!
Your welcome Jill, it was a pure pleasure…don’t you all agree?! I love all the vintage combined with the natural dried and fresh flowers. To see more of  her projects and how her home has evolved, hop on over to her blog. You will enjoy every moment, I guarentee it! 😉
Have a happy weekend, 

7 thoughts on “Summer Home Tour Series- Sew A Fine Seam

  1. Love all the flowers and blooms and the wheat and the boats! Love the chandelier too! The petticoat is so much fun and the gourd growing outside is crazy great! {Jill is my sister, but she lives far away from me} Always fun to catch a peek of what's happening for her. Fun to pop in here! Thanks!


  2. I love the way you decorate! There is no one that can copy you, that's for sure!!! I have a bucket of dried grasses at my front door. I might have to put some clothes on my dress form too!


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