Dose of DIY Blog Hop- Lighting

I have to say that as soon as our group decided on what the theme for August would be, I knew right away what I wanted to work on. Sometimes you need a good challenge to get things moving, right? 
So welcome to our monthly Dose of DIY Blog Hop!
To be honest, my original idea didn’t end up winning out in the long run. The lighting projects just kept piling up in my garage since Jen, the owner of Sweet Salvage where I have a retail space, keeps reminding me that I need more lighting in my room.
However, I immediately I knew what to do with this lamp I found at a yard sale for about 2 bucks.
Sad thing is, everyone loves a good before and after. I am KICKING myself over and over for not having taken a “before” shot. I thought I had, but was doing 3 projects at the same time…(I know, don’t tell me how gifted I am.) Just imagine a very dark lamp. An almost black bronze color.

 I’m really good at diving in big with the expectation of finishing everything off right away. Sometimes it doesn’t work out as planned, but just in case it does…why not?
Hey, I figured that if I was going to have everything out and ready anyway, might as well do them all in one shot. So while one project was drying, I went on to the next. You have to seize the opportunity once it’s given around here. And so seized was the moment, that I only got befores of the other two projects (more to come on those in the weeks to come…so stay tuned ;))

The lamp shade on this lamp was broken when I got it. I’m sure it was one of the reasons someone decided it wasn’t worth keeping the whole lamp for. Sadly, who doesn’t want a swing arm lamp? No, really! 
Every time I went to touch the shade though, it seemed to make the damage worse. It was very brittle, and I almost threw it out. 
In the end I just decided to keep it. I’m really trying not to buy anything until my resources are more depleted. If you saw my embarassing garage situation, you would understand!
After the lamp was painted with two coats of Country Chic Paint’s Lazy Linen, I brushed on their dark wax (which I LOVE) till it had the look I wanted. 
Then I pulled out a coffee sack I purchased somewhere (??? I pick them up whenever I see them at a good price) and cut it out, adhereing it with some spray adhesive. 
Then with a glue gun, I used the edging of the coffee sack to give the top a more finished look. I used a strip for the back seam. I really like the added character. 
This lamp shade needed to be lined because of the damage. That was the hardest part of the whole project. If you’ve never covered a shade, you’ve gotta try it. It is so stinkin’ easy with big results!
There are a lot of great tutorials out there.
Even though I love the lamp and it’s practical use. I must admit that I like it best off, where the details of the coffee sack are more emphasized. 
I put it on the table in our living room next to our big reading chair. It’s really needed a lamp there for awhile. 
I’ve tried other lamps here before, but they’ve never looked quite right.
Good lighting is so nice when you sit down to relax and read a good book!
I have to say, although
I love the look of the lamp, I think the best addition is that darling girl in the chair putting it to good use. 😉
A great reading nook by eve.
A place to relax and unwind by night. 
Now hop on over and see all these amazing projects my friends have to share!

4 thoughts on “Dose of DIY Blog Hop- Lighting

  1. I almost always forget the “before” pictures, too! But that is okay because the “after” pictures are always the ones you look at the most. Well, I do, at least! I love your reading corner and the lamp turned out great.


  2. Michele,I like this idea and your are right…the little girl is as sweet-looking as can be. The lamp looks so much bigger on the table and I can see that the design of the lamp arm really throws an excellent light.Ginene


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