Dose of DIY blog hop- Decorating with Pumpkins

Hello my happy friends! It’s time for another Dose of DIY!!

 I’m so glad to finally be sharing a project with you today. It has been SO busy the last couple of weeks. We are still on old school time where our children start after Labor Day. Those first couple weeks were crazy with different hours and the first year that our district is doing all day kindergarten. My poor little sweety had a rough time in the beginning, but every day is getting better and she is adjusting. It’s the first time in 21 years that I actually have all day to get things done with no half day preschooler or kindergartner. So far, it’s not feeling like I have a ton of time on my hands, but little by little I’m seeing it come around. If you are a regular ’round these parts, then you know that fall is my favorite season. Even though I haven’t gotten all of the fall and Halloween “stuff” down from the attic, I have created a few fun pumpkins to share today. Since this was in the making in my head for quite awhile now, it’s so fun to have them be a reality! 

Truthfully, the idea of making pumpkins was triggered by Jen who is the owner of Sweet Salvage where I have my shop space. She told me that I needed to add a little fall. I was feeling a little hesitant since I want the style there to stay consistant. I’m sure you know what they say, though, it seems that your style will just come about because your tastes tend to stay the same. I’m really noticing that to be true here!

This year I’ve really enjoyed making wreaths, and covering lamp shades and trays with book pages. I just love them! I use books from old classics that I love. This one is made from Ethan Frome pages. If you’ve never read it, I think it’s the perfect fall/winter read. Take care though, Edith Wharton loves to write a sad story…just ask my book group. 
Here’s a quick pictorial on how it was done. Seriously one of the fastest, easiest projects EVER! The pumpkins are from the dollar store. I bought 3 little ones and 3 big ones for 2 of each style.
See, super fast and simple!
 The next one was made from leftover fabric from my drop cloth wing chair
Just wrap the pumpkin up with pleats in the same direction, tie with a favorite ribbon (here is a lace edged burlap like ribbon) and a spring from an old crib mattress I pulled apart years ago. 
 And last but not least, Here I mod podged a shopping sack, tied the top with black and white gingham ribbon and twisted a mattress spring into the top. 
They all turned out perfectly imperfect, just the way I like things…
should I re-name my blog? 

There’s an idea! 😉 

Happy fall!!
Oh, but wait the fun is not over yet, please hop around and see all the wonderful ideas for decorating with pumpkins from my fellow creative blog friends!


3 thoughts on “Dose of DIY blog hop- Decorating with Pumpkins

  1. Love them all! And it is so true that your own style is going to come through in everything you do! I've found it's almost impossible to recreate a craft I've seen online – I always put my own spin on it and it evolves as I go along! Even if I have a vision in my head for how I want the end project to look it tends to change as I work on it! It't the inner artist in us coming out to play 🙂


  2. I hope you are enjoying your time at home today, I can not yet imagine what it will be like when there are no little ones running around all day, but I imagine I will have time to think 🙂 These pumpkins are so cute. I love the book page one, I think I need to add one of those to my fall decor this year.


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