Project Challenge- Rusty Item

Welcome to another round of Project Challenge! This month is exciting because we have 3 new members here with us today…Yippee!! You’ll have to play a guessing game at the end to see if you know who they are. 
 I won’t really make you guess. 
I can’t wait to introduce them really.
Christine from Little Brags
Robin from Happy At Home
and Lucy from Patina Paradise
I hope you’ll get to know them better by visiting their blogs and seeing what inspiring contributions they add to the challenge! 
Our new friends are joining on the perfect month because new and old go so well together, wouldn’t you agree? 
New members and old items. I have to admit that anything rusty really catches my eye and I have a hard time letting them out of my hands at the salvage yard. The older and rustier, the better!
That is exacly how I came upon these water wheel pots. 

They were so perfectly rusty and just screaming for me to take them home. 
Just like any other poor item around here, they served their time in the garage with the idea that I would do something with them once I “can get around to it”. I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll say it again, without this project challenge, these poor pots would still be in the garage crying for attention. (Thank you September challenge!!) I’ll be honest, this idea isn’t originally mine. I just love the blog Buckets of Burlap where Becky has one of these herself. 
Hers is not rusty though.
 I thought to just put numbers on them…and just didn’t want to.
 I’ve always loved hers, so I had to do what she did.
Once again I whipped out my cricut and made a stencil of the word “EAT”.
Another reason to love rust. All the history and character are already there for you!
I tucked in a few different herbs from the grocery store for some fresh greenery.

This new addition added an element I didn’t realize we were missing, to this part of the kitchen. The perfect sentiment for dining.
From cutting out the stencil to hanging the finished project, it took me a maximum of 10 min.
Lovin’ it! What do you think?!
What’s your favorite rusty item?
Now it’s time to visit all of these other awesome blogs (from the links below). There’s enough inspiration to keep all your water wheel pots full, I’m tellin’ ya! 
Have fun and don’t forget to join us for next month to see all the creative things that can be done with HVC or Duct tape. Hmmm…the wheels in my poor little brain are spinnin’ now! 😉

15 thoughts on “Project Challenge- Rusty Item

  1. Good morning Michelle, oh you are lucky you live far away or er else I would have to come and steal this gorgeous rusty piece from you!! It looks absolutely perfect on that narrow wall !!!!!! I am so flattered to be part of your challenge!!! XOXOXOX Christine from Little Brags


  2. You are so sweet Christine! I am lucky I live far away, or I wouldn't stop you from taking my little trinket and I wouldn't have it in the perfect place on my wall anymore. LOLSo fun to have you a part of the group!!! ****HUGS***


  3. Nothing store bought would give you as much fun and pleasure seeing it hanging on your kitchen wall. One and only original. Great idea to put EAT on it. Wish I Had a Cricut. Do you have to spend alot on accessories to use it? I'm seriously thinking on it but don't want something i Have to keep spending to use. Happy week


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