Fall Home Tour Blog Hop!

So I have a confession to make. Pictures are not my strong suit. You’re probably thinking something similar to what my 14 year old son would say, “no der Sherlock”. With that out of the way, I just want to give you the warmest welcome ever to my Fall tour!

I’m teaming up with some incredibly fun bloggers that will also be sharing their homes throughout the next 5 days. So visit the rest of today’s  tours at the end of mine by clicking their links,

 If you’re new here, you’ll soon find that touring my home isn’t something I venture out to do that often. It’s intimidating to me. Well, that and the fact that my house is always so in the midst of a project of one kind or another that it is hardly ever presentable enough for my liking. 
Friends are so gracious when they make excuses for me and say things like, “you have seven kids, I don’t know how you would ever do what you do”. 
I take ownership though when I say that particular excuse ran dry after the oldest two moved out, taking the numbers down a notch. In all fairness, I’m the one making the messes. I’m one of those people that loves to be overly busy. If there isn’t madness, I create madness. 
Anyway, enough of the blah, blah, blah, already.
Come on in and let me show you a few things I did this year to bring Fall into our home! 
The porch got a brand new makeover. It really hasn’t seen much change since the makover I gave it at the beginning of the summer. 
Needless to say, it was tired!

I wanted something really simple this time. I’ve been really reorganizing and cleaning up inside the home lately, so the need to have things feel a lot simpler is magnified. I wanted it to feel inviting and welcoming, without all of the extras. It still has quite a bit as it is.
The weather hasn’t really been chill enough to make me feel like it’s time to whip out the sweaters. Usually that’s the first sign of Fall for me. I love sweaters, wearing layers, boots…yeah. That’s my thing! So buying pumpkins on what turned out to be a day where I should’ve worn something warm helped me get a little more into the vibe of the season. So if you’re not feeling it right now, I highly recommend you pop a pumpkin or two in your cart at the grocery store. It’s amazing what such a little gesture might do to help speed that along. 
The Cinderella pumpkin is for my 7 year old girl. It’s a tradition. 
The sweet pumpkin is mine. I’m going to make pie with it. 
Inside I finally got the mantel fixed in a way that I’m happy with. It’s been a looooong process. I will be sharing my DIY mantel later this month.
I found the lanterns on a buy one get one free sale at Fred Meyer last week. I practically squeeled in the store. I’ve been looking for over a year with bare hooks just jutting out. I’d just decided to take them down when I found these. 
The apothacary jar is filled with those pokey balls that fall from the trees. I don’t know what kind, but we always crunch them walking around our block. These were collected one morning while talking to my Mom on the phone.
I was really happy to find some wheat at Home Goods. Another hard to find item around here. 
The family photo is my favorite. The last one of all of us before the two older boys left home and started college and serving 2 year missions. 
The shutters are hiding what I call our fireplace eye sore. It is in the works at being beautified, but is on the back burner while our Master bath is under renovations. 
There were a few small changes in here. Mostly the mantel, the fur pillows, and the side table.
Here is displayed a transferwear teacup I found at the Goodwill one morning. I bought two sets to sell in my shop space. Once one of them sold, I brought the other home. It made me realize I didn’t want to let go of it. The fun thing is that when I watch “When Calls the Heart” (a series on the Hallmark Channel), they eat and drink out of this exact set. It makes me wish I had the entire set.
 Now that we’re speaking dishes, here we are in the dining room. It was fun getting ready for Fall because one of the many great things about this season is the food. I got a few mini pumpkins for each person’s plate. 
The children love having their own pumpkins and this makes it special for them. 
I picked up a package of these “give thanks” plates from Home Goods as a reminder to always be grateful. A principle we’ve really beeen trying to instill in our children.
While I was at the market, I came upon these fun mini pears. I had never seen them before. They are called Seckel pears. So fun I had to bring some home to try. They are delicious and sweet!
For the centerpiece I decided to bring that old crate in from the garden and cleaned it real good. The bottom of it got pretty rotten from being outside for so many years. 
I tucked a burlap sack in the middle and used the heirloom butter churn as a vase again for some Hydrangeous and cat tails. I didn’t intend to keep the arrangement with the cat tails, but ended up liking the Fall look they give the arrangement. 
I love the way table setting came together just in time for company coming for dinner. 
The hutch has some special additions of fresh pears, a mini pumpkin and some red wheat. The picnic basket is one I picked up at one of my favorite vintage stores Treasures of the Heart
The galvanized bucket holds some kettle corn from one of our favorite farms, Lone Pine. It is delicious and quite a tradition around here. Each Fall we eat the kettle corn at the farm while the children play at the playground and then pet the goats and run through their hay maze. We look forward to it every year and then go home with a load of apples.
My children love bagels, so the table with the twisty legs holds a few for bread with our soup for dinner.
This leads us into the kitchen area where a plate of jumbo pumpkin and chocolate muffins wait for hungry children for an after school snack. This also serves as an excellent breakfast for a rushed morning.

I found this wonderful bench at Treasures from the heart a few months ago. I’m struggling with the idea of whether to paint it. It is the perfect height for my small children. The apple basket holds some Johnathon apples. So yummy and perfect for homemade applesauce!
 This picnic basket is a Goodwill find. My cleaning lady brought me all these ears of corn after I gave her a load of vegetables from our garden. It is the perfect place to store them until we can eat them.

 I love hanging old house numbers I find on my treasure hunts on various things. I think it gives them a special touch. Nine is my favorite lately since we have 9 people in our family. 
 This candle is one where the jar broke and I wasn’t going to be able to burn it. I love the smell of it, so I melted the wax into a canning jar. Now I burn it every day. It smells so good!!
Well. That wraps up my tour, Thank you so much for joining me!

 What is your favorite thing about Fall? what have you done to prepare your home? Go on over and see what these talented women have done to dress up their homes for the season!

Come back soon 😉

30 thoughts on “Fall Home Tour Blog Hop!

  1. Hi Michele, So much fun touring your home. I didn't post any pics of my kitchen but it's very similar to yours. Same cabinets and granite choice. But I did post a pic of my old box as a centerpiece in the dining and it looks just like yours. 🙂 Great minds think alike. God bless you with 7 kids and all that you do and thanks again for organizing. Have a great weekend. I'm going away but will take some time as I am an early bird in the morning to visit everyone.


  2. Your home is so warm and inviting!! So many goodies that I love to look at, but my favorite is probably the little bench in front of your sink – what a find! And I actually have a set of those dishes! They are 'Friendly Village' by Johnson Bros. and I have picked up pieces each year for the last few years from TJ Maxx. I think I have around 22 dinner plates (I host Thanksgiving lots of years!). I've also seen them on Amazon.Thanks for organizing the tour! And Happy Fall!


  3. Michele, from your front porch to the kitchen counters, your fall home is so pretty! Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful tour. I love meeting new blog friends especially through tours. :)Stacey


  4. Michele, Your home is always fun to take a tour through. It is always inviting and comfortable. I like how you have something cozy in every space of your home. You always inspire me to be a better home decorator. Thanks for doing so much work for this tour. xoxoxo


  5. So pretty Michele!!! I love the barrel with the numbers and the picnic basket. Your home is so inviting and warming for fall. Thanks for organizing this blog hop!!


  6. Michele…I just love everything about how you brought Fall into your beautiufl home…the bench in front of the since with the barrel of the sink is just as cute as cute can be!!! Thank you so much for organizing this tour and making it possible for me to be able to participate …everyones ideas on this tour are just amazing so much fun visiting them…


  7. Thank you for sharing with me Sondra! I am on constant lookout for more “Friendly Village” pieces. Love them so much. I bet the dinner plate is AMAZING. Perfect Thanksgiving set! 😉


  8. I think there is so much you learn about a person when you see their home. It makes them more real and personal. Thank you for joining me Stacey, it has been a truly wonderful experience!!


  9. Thank you for saying so Maria! I enjoyed setting up the table, it was fun to share with my family as well. I might do it more often to keep dinner preparations more exciting. hehe!


  10. I'm so excited to have you Wendy! It was a lot of fun to put this tour together, but I have to say that the greatest perk, is a clean house. 😉 I look forward to seeing you more often!!


  11. I hope that if I ever have to leave it, I can find something very much like it. I feel very grateful to be blessed with so much preparation space where the family typically gathers. Hope to see more of you here Lisa! 😉


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