Fall Wreath(s)

Early on, when I discovered that I was actually crafty, I found that one of my passions was flower arranging. Each and every time I put together an arrangement, I feel a deep inner happiness. It’s something that truly pleases my soul. Recently while I was enjoying some blog hopping, I came upon a blog I love to read regularly where there was a beautiful wreath. That’s how the desire to make one grew. While I was at the fabric store the other day, I grabbed a few stems on clearance in the floral section and pulled out some others I had left over from the fishing creel arrangement I made back in June.

I collect grapevine wreaths whenever I go to the thrift store. They’re always really cheap and generally easy to pull off old florals from. I love their natuaral look. This one is a medium size. I started with this one and then had so much leftover that I made another one out of a larger one I had in the garage from a previous arrangement I made a few years back.
 It was pretty beat up, but I still like the look of the flowers, all scraggly like. 
I was taught a long time ago from watching a decorating show, to put the larger flowers or foilage on first and then fill in with the rest. That’s the formula I still use. 
This one has more “shoots” out of it than I usually do. But that was what I liked from the wreaths I’ve seen lately. It’s interesting how our styles evolve over time. 
I love the buttery look of the flowers surrounding the green sunflower.
I displayed the wreath in the center of my mantel arrangement for awhile. 
This look is generally too busy for me, so it changed locations pretty quickly, but it was fun for a little while. 
The larger wreath is on my front door for a happy wecome. 
You can see it HERE
 Do you love how I’m trying to cover up the burn mark above the mantel. Yep, it’s still there from Christmas. I tried to paint over it before, but a water based primer isn’t enough. My goal is to have it fixed by book group next week. 
 Can’t wait to take it off my to-do list!
See you tomorrow for our next Dose of DIY Blog Hop. The theme is going to be fall centerpieces. 
Can’t wait to see you again!

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