Fixing an Antique Piano Mirror

I often peruse craigslist for things I’m looking for. I usually go to the free section, then to the antiques, unless there is something specific I’m looking for. One day I came across this antique piano mirror [in the antique section]. Though I wasn’t looking specifically for it, I have wanted one for awhile now. I love how Holly from Down to Earth Style always decorates with hers. They are such a great character solution to add to a wide space that is hard to decorate. I knew immediately where it was going to go. The family room had such a space above the bookcases I just refinished (more an that real soon!). 

It was advertised at a great price as something that needed some work. I saw the issues right away and the sellers were really good about letting me know what they thought needed attention.

The frame was week and just needed a bit of wood glue and a couple of brad nails. I let it dry for over an hour then painted and sanded. 
My five year old took this picture of me while I was working on sanding. She took around 20. Yikes! (I don’t like my picture taken, so the excess was a big deal.)
 The paint looks fine in the before picture, but it was really needing a fresh job (also suggested by the previous owner). I liked the gold look though, so I wanted it to show up with the distressing. 
I like how it turned out. 
Next was to fix the frame so that the mirrors could be attached. I thought it was going to be as simple as applying these mirror clips, but they are made to go on the wall and hold the mirror, not attache to the frame to hold the mirror. At first I wasn’t sure what to do, then it occurred to me to add slats for them to hold the mirrors in place with. 
I used adjustable wedges to adjust the slats securely between the clips and mirror.
a couple monkey hooks, d-rings, and a whole lot of measuring later, my antique mirror is happily hanging in our family room. 
I added a mini wispy wreath to tie in the natural elements from the bookcases.
The mirror adds the perfect touch to what was a very rustic masculine area. I loved my family’s responses. They are happy that I’m actually working on things for our house instead of the shop so much. Our poor house needs attention.
I promise to share the bookcases soon, but for now, do you want to see a great before and after? Go see my grain sack inspired side table at Country Chic Paint. I love the colors!!
As for tomorrow, come back and see what I made for the HVAC and Duct tape Project Challenge! 
Can’t wait to see you then, 

8 thoughts on “Fixing an Antique Piano Mirror

  1. Hi Michele,Thank you so much for visiting my blog today!I just love this mirror, it is so, so pretty and I have never seen one like it before. I love the wreath you hung on it.I always look through the free section in Craigslist too, I have got some pretty good things.I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! 🙂


  2. Thank you Kimberley!! So glad to see you here at my blog too, what a treat! The wreath is from JoAnn Fabrics for only a couple bucks. Love to use them everywhere!! 😉


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