Kitchen Hutch Display

There is an area in my kitchen that I don’t believe I’ve ever shared on my blog before. It’s because it is a “problem area”. For some reason, the hutch I designed for our kitchen causes me great turmoil. Finally one day, while blog hopping for inspiration, I came upon a home tour that had a picture that just struck me. YAY! I could’t wait to put that inspiration into practice. 
So my hutch has always been used as a more practical use area. It is part of the cooking and baking triangle. Since it is right next to the ovens and across from the stove, it is the perfect place for all my utencils, spices, and cookware within reach. I’ve tried about everything in this area so it can function this way while hoping it can still look nice but it’s never worked out how I’d hoped. 
I’ve kept flour and sugar canisters there. I’ve had the utensils idea in various decorative containers, cookbooks in decorative binders. It’s never been pleasing to the eye. Part of the problem is that the mouldings and trim work have never been finished since my VERY BUSY honey never has been able to find the time. I simply gave up on it ever looking nice. 
That is what is so nice about inspiration! While looking at home tours, I realized that this area could still be functional and practical and decorative 
at the same time.

With this thought finally in mind, I started by removing everything. 
First I reclaimed the clothespins the children took so that I could again use them for holding regularly used recipes (thank you very much my little loves!). I love seeing these handwritten recipes from dear friends and family as a personal touch. I found the set of plates and plate stand at the thrift shop a few years ago. They are within easy reach for mealtimes.
 I love the look of preserved boxwood topiaries. They seem to give such a classy and fresh look to any area, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to display one.
Now the space is clutter free, practical and decorative as well. 
Second was the upper shelf. Since this is a perfect area for the knife block, being that it is high and out of the way but still within reach, it stayed up there, just over to the other side. My hen cookie jar found a new home and is one of my favorite pieces. I bought her at Home Goods a couple years ago.The kids always seem to know where the cookie jar is when it moves. They must have a built in cookie jar sensor. 😉
 The salt and pepper shakers, again functional, are heirlooms I inherited with the rest of the pewter set from my Grammy. A sweet reminder of delicous dinners at her home when we were growing up.
I added a piece of decorative trim I had on hand on the front of the shelf edge. It so simple, yet much more appealing.  
I don’t think I’d ever cleaned the glass on this hutch until I cleaned out the cupboards and changed the display in them. Sad huh? Probably part of giving up.
 The mugs and soup terinne were thrift shop finds and are now ready for hot cooca and hot soup dinners for the winter months. 
A chicken sits on a couple of extra black and white plates waiting for meal time use. 
On the other side are a few more heirlooms I inherited from my Mother. The soup terrine and ceramic bowl set are regularly used favorites.They were my Grammy’s as well. 
Another thrift shop find, porcelain grain sack pitcher, is something we regularly use for water or juice at breakfast. 
Much more peaceful. 
I still have plans for this area, such as finishing the moulding and changing the cupboard shelves to glass so that the light will filter through them when it’s on. For now, though, I’m content until we can do those things.
I feel such a need to declutter my life that I’m happy to have another clutter free zone. 
I hope my sharing this helps you to think of ways to declutter, while still allowing your home to be practical and beautiful! 

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