Harlequin Side Table and a King's Crown

Every year a neighbor of mine has a yard sale and sells the most amazing things for super cheap! (I probably mentioned her before in this post). I bought this table at last year’s sale for $2 and have had it sitting next to our reading chair in our master bedroom ever since. I’ve known for quite some time what I wanted to do with it but hadn’t gotten the opportunity.

A month ago while I was painting some other pieces, I went ahead and slapped some primer and a couple coats of Country Chic Paint’s Vanilla Frosting on it. It sat in our bedroom like this for a couple months until I could finish it.

Well I’m happy to say that I finally did, and I am LOVING IT! 
I have this wonderful Cricut cartridge with a harlequin pattern that I’ve been wanting to use for quite some time. I knew it would be perfect for this little table.
So I made a stencil and painted it on. I went over it about three times. 
 Then I painted over the table top edge and some other curves with their Cobblestone gray.
Then sanded for some wear marks and definition with my mouse sander.
It’s perfect topped with a candle and this crown I got at World Market, 
So old world-ish with this screen I got from one of my favorite antique shops (more to come on that when I find where its permanent home will be.
In the meantime, it’s the perfect backdrop for my favorite little table!
Happy Monday! 
Getting ready for Christmas in my shop space and can’t wait to share what I’ve been making with you this week!

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