A slew of Signs {and the Shop}

I‘ve been working on getting my retail space in Sweet Salvage all loaded. Seems that anytime I start to get it loaded, it gets depleted pretty quick. That’s good though! I’m not complaining, it’s just why I am in a frenzy getting things done here. 
I think the family is starting to wonder if the kitchen and dining area are actually my work space instead of a part of our home. 
Since I’ve been so stinkin’ busy with all these projects, I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been doing!
 Here are some signs I made, aside from the one for Project Challenge (you can read all about that HERE).

 I’ve found a much easier way to make them which has made all the difference! While teaching a glass etching class at church, I realized that instead of making stencils out of cardstock, I should be using contact paper like I do on the glass. 
It is SO MUCH EASIER this way!!

Plus you can use all the piece, not just the stencil part like I did on this cozy one. 
I’ve been having a lot of fun with this method. 
I will share more about that process another day.
I took the signs to the shop yesterday.
 You’ll see a few more that aren’t shared above.
Do you see the “O Holy Night” one?
That one was fun and super simple.
Cranberry sauce is a favorite of mine this time of year, which is the reason for the sign below.
{You can find my delicious recipe somewhere around here…I hope. I was looking and my archives are playing games with me.}
 It has pineapple, but I’ve heard of people using orange too. 
I’ve always wanted to make a star like this, so with the leftover lashing I had from THIS PROJECT, I made one. My 5 year old daughter painted it after I stained it. She loves to help me when I’m painting. Now that she is old enough to understand that it needs to be in the color I choose (not bright pink or purple) she is actually quite helpful!
I love the way it turned out, and now it even has that sweet memory.
I found these reindeer at the thrift shop. I don’t know why, but I love them very much. I might just have to go back and pick them up. I’m already going through withdrawls over the ice skates I sold. I got them at a yard sale for $2. Will I ever get a deal like that again? 
I looked for some for a long time.
Does anyone else do that?!
Regret what they sold later? It’s all part of the business, let it go, right?
That’s what I keep telling myself. 
That’s it for now, looks like I need to change out my chalkboard. 
There will be more to come, I’m still working away!
Until later,
enjoy staying  

6 thoughts on “A slew of Signs {and the Shop}

  1. Michele, your signs are so cute! I don't think I realized that you have a booth where you sell things. That sounds like a lot of work but so much fun. I don't know about the ice skates…that's not something you find much around Texas but I've always wanted some.


  2. Love the signs, I have been feverishly making those this year too for gifts. And I know what you mean about the kitchen counter and dining room! I love the pie sign, cute!Your space is amazing, and I think I could buy everything in there! ;)Now, you need to put your feet up for a few minutes and relax! :)Kimberley


  3. What a good idea!! I wish I felt like I had the time to put my feet up for a few good ones, but I just started a MAJOR project in my L.R. that has to be done in time for my Christmas home tour next week. I'm so glad you stopped by, always so fun to hear from you!! 😉


  4. Thank you Stacey! I have a lot of fun making things for the shop, but it is truly a lot of work, like you said. I just found some ice skates today, paid $5 for them, and they aren't vintage…*sigh*. My daughter will love them though!! 😉


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