Bringing Christmas Home~ {to your} Front Porch

Hello friends!! I’m so excited this week to bring to you a different kind of home tour. Each day me and a few friends of mine have teamed up to share a different room of the home. The hope is that you will be inspired to decorate each room, one at a time, and while following along, have your whole house decked out for the Christmas holiday by the end of the week!! You can follow along as posted on the lower right list in the image below:

Since we are doing this one day at a time, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? I’m excited to present our line-up for today: BRINGING CHRISTMAS HOME~{to your} Front Porch. 
I love this one because it is so fun and there is such a wide range of what you can do! Keep in mind that what you do for your front porch, sets the tone to what the inside will be like.

I decided to keep it simple. 
I feel the need lately to do that because there have been a few events in our life that have altared my abilities. 
I recently had knee surgery for a torn meniscus from jumping at a trampoline park at the end of August with my kiddos. 
I know, all those smart parents sitting on the sidelines? (like my husband for one), I wish I had been one of them. But nope, can’t admit that I’m too old and awkward to not be jumping with all these young and flexible children. We were having the time of our lives until the last 20 minutes when I went down. I’ve been limping ever since. I’m recovering nicely, but while they were in there fixing the two tears they found, they also found my ACL was torn, so I’m going back in a couple weeks for another surgery.
I guess it goes without saying that with that and the ongoing renovations going on inside our home, there is a need to have things be a lot simpler.  
I’m finding that I love this though.
The simple way. It tells more of a story and doesn’t feel so cluttered, which is more my style anyway.

 With the season turning much colder lately, I love all that goes along with it.
The typical sled paired with ice skates implies a story of winter memories. Skates always take me back to a couple of my favorite winter Christmas stories like Little Women and The Gift of Love, along with my own experiences of ice skating on a frozen pond while later enjoying a hot cocoa and talking about our fun experiences together.

This year I’ve found myself, on a couple occassions, grabbing one of these cypress trees and plopping them in my shopping cart. I’m so drawn to them lately!
The lantern and birch tree sticks remind me of another Christmas story of a boy who suddenly became orphaned and went to live with a couple who had lost their own girls to an illness. The mother was having a hard time accepting the young boy because of her deep mourning for the loss of her daughters. She later found him in the barn by lantern light making a manger out of sticks and re-enacting the Christmas story of the Christ child. Her heart was touched when she realized that he had been taught by his own Mother what the spirit of Christmas was all about.

 You might recognize my fishing creel from THIS POST. I re-dressed it with some evergreen from our huge pine tree in the back yard and a couple of ornaments. The mercury glass snowflake ornament is from Home Goods and the snow shoes ornament was one I picked up at Target. I just love them! The “A” flashcard kept it’s place from before. It is from a deck I picked up at an antique shop and is the initial of our last name.

I will probably be adding a few touches here and there throughout the next couple weeks, like a garland and some twinkle lights, but for now I am enjoying the simplicity of the stories going on here that remind me and my family of what Christmas is truly all about.
What’s your front porch say about your home? 
Hop on over to be inspired by these other amazing ideas from my friends and come back tomorrow to see how we are bringing Christmas into our Living Rooms!!
Monday 12/7
Tuesday 12/8
Wed. 12/9
Thurs. 12/10
Fri. 12/11

7 thoughts on “Bringing Christmas Home~ {to your} Front Porch

  1. Michele I love your front porch all decked out in the simplest way. I love the skates and the sled it is all so perfect!! Thank you for all your hard work in putting this tour together!


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