Bringing Christmas Home~ {to your} Living Room

Hello, hello!! Welcome and enjoy, I’m so glad you joined us again today!! I’m excited to show you my living room space since it has had some recent changes to it. I decided to change the color that I loved for so long. The mustard gold was beautiful, but it was getting old since it has been the color of the room for 10 years now. I had been thinking to change the color for some time, and knew I wanted something neautral, but still deep and elegant. Charcoal gray. I first went with Kindall Gray by Benjamin Moore, but it was to dark and severe for me. I went with something a little softer though still in the same tone. it isn’t that much of a difference, but just enough to soften it up. So while doing the room I knew I was going to add a wainscotting. As of now there is just a chair rail and new base boards, which were a nightmere to take out!! I’m happy to say that the snowball effect is over and my family is breathing a sigh of relief. No doubt holding there breaths for the next project to begin. Sorry! I can’t seem to stop!!
ANYWAY…let’s get to the tours shall we?

I know you’ve gotten glimpses of my living room before, but since this is the main attraction for our family with the tree and presents during Christmas, you are going to get a healthy dose of it.

The living room is to the right of our large entryway. It can be seen by guests through it’s big picture winows as they walk up the path before they even get inside. I am always harping on the children to clean up and stay out. I want at least one room to stay clean in case of drop by visits. I consider it a casual formal room. If there was never such a thing, then I created it. 😉 I tend to decorate for comfort as well as have touches of glitz and sparkle.

The colors in here used to be a mustard gold tone (you can see it before HERE.) You will notice that the furniture arrangement is different too. We have to divide the sectional to compensate for the tree. When I suggested a different layout for this year, apparently it would have been committing the cardinal sin with my family’s response. Don’t want ot cause stress or rob somebody of their Christmas fantasy ideals, so this way it is again. Which, I’m really okay with. I was just trying to figure out a layout that would keep the couch together and still put the tree in front of a picture window. The change is nice though.

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything new for the house this year since we have 24 years of accumulative Christmas decorations, but when I saw this pillow at Home Goods…ummm, let’s just say it’s on my couch and leave it at that. I don’t really know why I love it so much. 
*heavy sigh*
I learned how to make a garland this year out of fresh evergreen. I LOVE it!! There is a tutorial on youtube that is the easiest method ever. 
You can learn the process I used by watching this video.
I finally found this nativity last year and love it. So much easier to set up and the kids don’t make off with the animals. 😉
We love how our tree turned out this year. We decided not to put anything but bulbs and the reindeer that we always put up. There are about 20 of them and only one is “Rudolph”. He has a red nose. Whoever puts them on gets to hide him and everyone else has to find where he is.
We all have an ornament with our initial. This year I got a large one for our last name.
The raingutter antique dresser got a new companion. Can you believe this mirror was only $5?! I saw it at our local thrift shop and passed it up 2 days in a row because it wasn’t priced and i didn’t have the time to ask how much it was. Finally the third time i ws in there, I asked and the lady took it away for a few minutes and came back with a sticker for 5 bucks. WHAT!!? I couldn’t limp away fast enough on my recooperating knee. She was so sweet she carried it out to the car for me too. Don’t you just love a deal like that? SCORE!!
I found this pom-pom wreath at JoAnns on sale for 60% off. Though it was still more then i’d normally pay, I just couldn’t see myself making one and was in love with it. The ladies in front and back of me in line at the register commented on it and I told them I was paying way too much for it still, but didn’t want to make on. They laughed and told me to just enjoy it and dress it up for every holiday. I just might do that! 
The “ho ho ho” pick came from Target and was a simple dress up. 😉
 Underneath that is another JoAnne deal. I snatched him up immediately. So much for my not buying anything new this year…
The light up mercury glass tree was in our bedroom last year. I love how it looks here with my Mother’s mantel clock from when I was growing up. I love the chime. It brings back sweet memories.
I never shared this awesome secretary desk i found on Craigslist a few years ago. I had money saved and when I saw it on there at a reduced price, I almost choked to get my words out on the phone to the seller. I have always wanted a desk like this and love the twisty legs. I’ve wanted to paint it originally and go back and forth with this idea. What do you think? should I?? 
This is also the corner for the musical instruments, it’s the perfect spot for my carollers to be
singing away, don’t you think?
The piano donns a couple of my favorite nutcrackers. 
The little one here winds up and plays music while beating his drum. He was an after Christmas find last year. 
The Picture is of the Christ child with Mary and Joseph showing him to the prophet Simeon who was promised he would see the Christ child in his lifetime. I love this picture and the story behind it. 
The table next to the other half of the sofa displays this snowy scene. I got this Santa this year at the thrift shop with full intention of selling it in my shop space. I couldn’t let it go. 
Another nutcracker and some snow globes the children just love. I think any home with children ought to have at least one snow globe. They are so magical to little eyes and watching their delight is all worth it.
The one with the nativity plays Silent Night. It’s sweet.
Well, that wraps up my tour! I’m so glad you took the time to read my lengthy tour. Now it’s time to get my dining room ready for tomorrow! 
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