Bringing Christmas Home- {to your} Dining Room

Welcome! And how is your Christmas decorating coming? Is your shopping done? I usually knock it out on black Friday, but having knee surgery the week before this year, I didn’t fell like hobbling around from store to store so I’ve been clicking around Amazon a lot. 😉
Thank you for joining me and my friends on this Bringing Christmas Home tour week!

In keeping with the simple theme this year, I have enjoyed pulling from my resources quite a bit. Since one of our Christmas traditions, that the children look forward to every year, is a HUGE breakfast of “you name it, it’s on the table” and a ham or turkey dinner as big as Thanksgiving, I love to make the table feel a little special. 
This year I wanted to use the goblets my sister sent to me when she moved recently. They were my Grammy’s. I love using things that were hers because they bring back so many wonderful memories. Using things that were hers not only keep those memories alive, but help to create new ones as well. Christmases in Grammy’s home were always special. Full of love and comfort. Every year she made an amazing assortment of Christmas goodies and gave it to us in a big shirt style box wrapped in tissue paper. We looked forward to them every year. There was fudge, divinity, english toffee, and many other delicious treats topped off with a special Santa head sugar cookie for each one of us. This made us feel individually loved. Grammy was a wonderful cook. Everything she made was amazing! On Christmas we always had a big meal, ate lots of See’s chocolates, played games and dreamed big with anticipation over what we were going get after having poured over the Sear’s catologue weeks before. It was always everything you would imagine Christmas time to be. 
So to have just a touch of that in my own home makes things just a little more special as we celebrate our own traditions.
As I’ve mentioned before, the silver was hers as well. It’s stored in our hutch in a sliverware box after being washed by hand after each use.
I found this neat galvanized trough like thing at the salvage yard last week and snatched it up! Do you know what it is? Immediately I thought of using it for a centerpiece display. I was face timing with my sister-in-law on the phone at the moment and she suggested placing candles in the handle. Isn’t that such a great idea?! I had to do it! I love all the possibilities that come along with this new find. 
For now, in keeping with the simplicity, I filled it with evergreen and laurel bush trimmings from the yard. lest you think I’m trying to burn our house down with all the candles this year, know that I do NOT leave them burning unattended. As soon as the first leaf lit on fire, they were all out! 
And that concludes my dining room at Christmas this year.
Have you been following along? Don’t forget to check out all the other amazing ideas from my friends that are sharing with me today from the calendar list below!
Have a wonderful day decking your halls!!
Monday 12/7
Tuesday 12/8
Wed. 12/9
Thurs. 12/10
Fri. 12/11

4 thoughts on “Bringing Christmas Home- {to your} Dining Room

  1. Gorgeous, Michele! The red plates on my dining room table are from my grandmother too, it looks like they had similar taste! AND I LOVE that metal “thingy” you used for a centerpiece, it's perfect! Have a great weekend, and thanks again for hosting this fun tour!


  2. I love your grandmother's red glasses! Vintage red glassware is so pretty!I love the galvanized trough thing…do you think it is part of a furnace piping? Like an elbow part that connects the longer rectangular pieces?? Whatever it is, I love it, and love the candles inside too!Very pretty!Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!Kimberley


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