A Dose of DIY {blog hop}- Wreaths

Welcome to another dose of DIY!!! I’m so excited to be sharing with you today and am looking forward to showing off my new learned skill!! 
 If you are a regular, you know I have been making my own fresh garlands to decorate my home with this year. Since I have made so many of them and have been loving them so much, I thought I would share my first ever live and natural wreath! 
Now keep in mind it is my first ever, so naturally any time you do a first anything there are lessons to be learned along the way. I will share what I learned in the process. 
So here we go!
First you will need a few supplies:
1-a faux pine wreath 
2-Laurel sprigs (Any kind of real sprigs or branches is fine) I decided to use just Laurel leaves for this one.
3-snips or foliage cutters 
Separate the sprigs of the wreath into their rows with one sprig on either side for easy use. Trust me, you will be glad you did this.

Now you will just place a sprig between two sides and twist it in place with the faux pine.

Just keep adding in a uniform direction all the way around the wreath.

The pine will be mostly hidden in the leaves. This is where adding the real pine would have been good to really camouflage the faux sprigs. Hiding the faux wasn’t so easy with such a wider leaf. 
When you have completed the wreath, tuck in sprigs wherever the faux wreath isn’t hidden. I used some floral wire to anchor some of the sprigs down because after I was finished, extra long ones were poking out a bit. It was easy enough to cover the wire up with leaves.
Truthfully, you only see the pine if you are looking for it and know it’s there. 
I like that it’s only Laurel leaves.
I added a few of these poky things from a neighbors tree that I collected in the fall and spray painted white. 
What are they called anyway?! 
Anyhow, I love them. It’s a strange obsession. 😉
I added this bow I just had to buy at Jo Ann’s when I saw it while I was picking up things for another project. I love the burlap with the polka dots! I just strung a piece of jute from it to attach it to a nail. 
Besides adding pine to this wreath, I would also make sure all the leaves were heading the same direction, just like I told you to do. The left side looks willy wompus to me because they were more of a limb than a sprig. I will stick with sprigs next time (hope this makes sense!). When I tried to wrap some wire to corral the straying leaves in, it didn’t look better, so I just left it this way. 
I love how it looks next to my new stockings I made from a coat I haven’t worn in awhile. More on that later!
I’m enjoying collecting more and more of the village dishes when I see them in my shopping excursions. They are perfect for the winter months. 
Oh, and be sure to tell me if you make a wreath yourself, I’d love to see what you came up with and the tips you have to share!! 
Thank you for joining me today…please don’t go away though…check out these other awesome projects for some wonderful inspiration by clicking the pictures below! 


4 thoughts on “A Dose of DIY {blog hop}- Wreaths

  1. Great Job Michele…the pokey things are sweet-gum balls (aka spiky balls). I guess I have a strange obsession as well…lol I covered a pumpkin with them one year:) I Love how your wreath came out!


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