Christmas Trees for Sale

 I didn’t finish our Family Room in time for my Christmas tour, so I am sharing it separately. 
I had so much fun with this every. step. of the way!
 We never decorate in the family room, but after all my work refinishing the area in October, complete with new paint, chair rail, and baseboards, I had an idea to start. 
Once I had this idea in my head, I knew it was the perfect place for my one tree lot

 I found this awesome tree cutter at my favorite salvage yard a couple weeks ago. I thought it would be fun to make it into a blanket or towel hanger after somehow covering up the blade. I might still do that, but for the Christmas season I knew I wanted to make a tree sign to go along with it.

 I found a picture of one on THIS amazing Christmas house walk that I fell in love with, and decided to do something similar. I wanted it to have my own personal flair, though I didn’t know what that would be at the time.

Then one morning I woke up as it hit me. Immediately I jumped out of bed determined to fulfill my vision! 
I couldn’t wait to implement what I had come up with. 
Using my old Cricut for such large letters took awhile, so by the time I got to  the “unique part” at the end, I wanted to stop. 
I knew that later though, I would be disappointed if I did, so I pushed through after a little lunch break, and finished it anyway.
 Apparently, now it’s the favorite sign of the house!

 Part of my vision was to have a live Christmas tree down there. I really wanted one this year for the Living Room anyway, but because of all that’s been going on with my knee and surgeries, we weren’t able to get one. So when I saw this little guy at Fred Meyer at half price because it’s dry branches, I snagged it!
 I’ve been watering it well and hope to plant it in our back yard this spring.

You might recognize the presents from the Living room tour this year, and last year. The children don’t know that I am planning on putting real gifts in them. 
I absolutely love this t.v. armoir I saved and saved up for years ago. 
Off and on I have thought of painting it, but I’m so glad I haven’t yet. It has the prettiest wood grain pattern and looks so pretty with the garland and marque lights on top.
I left the bicycle and jar I have up there year round. I love the way they look with the lights as well. Plus they are good at hiding the rabbit ears we need for our reception.
I know.
Pretty old fashioned, but I don’t watch a whole lot of t.v., so it doesn’t matter to me.
*apology beforehand for the terrible lighting and picture quality. I’m hoping to get a filter for last year’s Christmas present, my Canon Rebel. Plus we are lucky to see the sun these days! 
 The family room is also home to our drop cloth and ticking wing chair. It’s so easy to change out pillows and blankets for the seasons in this spot! 
I still can’t bring myself to take my Country Chic painted wooden lamp to the shop to sell. I love it too much.
I love how one present can dress up the whole space and add just the right amount of color you need when decorating for the Holidays too.

And that’s how we brought Christmas into our Family room. 
I love it! 
I will show you the whole room once I finish the project of making a slipcover for our oh, so ugly, sectional after the new year.
Then I won’t be so imberrased.

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