A Simple Christmas Card

It’s been a few Christmases since I actually made our Christmas cards. Though I loved doing it and looked forward to creating them each year, I had to stop during the busy years of having our last 3 babies. The need to simplify took over and my husband and I decided to make what we could do during the already hectic month a lot more realistic. That’s when card making and treat plates were omitted and leaving town for two days before Christmas to relieve stress became the tradition.
Now that my baby is 5, I’m gradually finding time to do some of the things I loved to do before, but couldn’t. Such was the case one Sunday morning when I found myself with nothing pressing and a little time on my hands before church. So I pulled out my supplies and came up with this card.

The pine cone stamp is my favorite and one I never tire of. I found it on sale at Jo-Ann’s a few years ago and have used it on a number of projects and cards.

The scripture stamp came with a Stampin’ Up! set I bought from my sister a few years ago, shortly after she became a distributor.

I love my cards to be simple with a little touch of rustic. Tipping the pine cones with a bit of white glitter for snow would give them just the right amount of glitz…

   but I decided to let them be this time.
Maybe next year. 😉


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