Project Challenge #12-Book Pages or Sheet music

Hello friends, how was your Christmas?! Did you get everything you wanted and then go to the after Christmas sales? I usually love to do that, but this year I’m recuperating from an ACL repair in my knee, so we are going to save a little money and keep me down.

I’m happy to welcome you to the last project challenge of the year.
Can you  believe it?!! It’s been a whole year of inspiration. Endings are always a bittersweet thing. The good news is, this is not the end of Project Challenge, so nothing to sniffle over! 😉 

As we have a couple of sweet friends leaving after this year’s challenge, we have a couple new ones joining us, so you’ll have to come back and visit next month to find out who they are and what is on the new schedule, huh?!
Now, on to the challenge, huh?!    
There are certain things I like to keep stocked in my shop space at Sweet Salvage:
3-table runners
I can never have too many of these because they don’t last long there. So when I found this floor length mirror at the Goodwill for super cheap, I snagged it.
I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to find the before picture on the computer, but we have had computer issues this week and, despite my efforts, have not been able to find it.
Darn it!
Who doesn’t love a good before and after?
It was a dark wood and the edges are pure wood, backed with plywood. It’s honestly heavier than it looks.
Originally I wanted to paint it and add some script, but wasn’t sure what. So it sat “naked” in our Living Room for awhile. 
While I was decorating our mantel in the kitchen for Christmas, I realized we needed some more light above the fireplace in there. It always seems so dark. That’s when I decided to bring in the mirror. 
First I primed and then painted it with a metallic folk art acrylic paint. Though it looked better, I still didn’t love it. Then the solution came when I realized what this month’s challenge was.
Sheet music or book pages!
That’s when I got excited and ran out to buy more mod podge since I ran out completely on the last project.,,I’m talking scraping the bottom of the barrel.
This project took less than an hour from start to finish. and since I had computer issues that lost some of my photos, the tutorial will have to be explained, which isn’t my strong suit…so here goes nothing! 😉
You will need:
Old music book
straight edge paper cutter
mod podge
paint brush (dollar store cheapo)
Sharp pocket knife

Tear out a few sheets of music from the book. I cut out the centers so that there were no margins for gaps. Brush on mod podge with paint brush. Form sheet music from inner edge of mirror to wrap around to the outer edge of the frame to cover all the wood. Brush over top of music sheet with mod podge and brush next exposed section. Using the sharp pocket knife, trim off any extra paper hangover.Repeat until all of the frame is covered and smoothly finished with a coat of mod podge. You may want to add another coat or two of mod podge to seal off the finish real good.
I know this might look like a bit much with all the mercury glass, but these are the colors I love to decorate with for New Years.
It was also a nice change from all dark that was going on before. 
I would probably paint the outside edge of the fireplace screen silver, but I think it will only turn black after having a few fires in there anyway. 
What do you think?
This is how the mantel looked all of Christmas.
(minus the 2016 birch wood garland) 
I’m removing the sign for New Years though.
I’m so glad you came over today and let me share with you! Now I can’t wait to share all of my creative friend’s ideas with you as well. 
Go ahead and click on the pictures below to visit their blogs and see what they have in store, I know you won’t want to miss them!


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